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PA Address Change

When you move from one address to another in Pennsylvania, you are required to also document the change with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, also known as PennDOT. The Pennsylvania change of address is completely free and very, very easy, allowing you to do so with two options, either online or by postal mail.

You are given 15 days to notify PennDOT of your Pennsylvania address change, at which time you are sent an Update Card for your Pennsylvania driver’s license.

Change Pennsylvania Address Online

There is a very simple process to follow in order to  Change your PA Address online. It can be done whenever you want and will only take a few seconds to do.

  1. Visit  Change your PA Address online.
  2. Enter your information, including old and new address
  3. Receive notice of recorded information

That’s all there is to it, and all your driver’s and vehicle documents are sent to your new address, with a DL Update Card sent by mail to ensure your address is reflected on your identification.

Change PA Address by Mail

The process for a mail-in address change in Pennsylvania is a bit different, and requires that the Application for Change/Correction/Replacement, which has to be completed and sent to the appropriate address.

            Bureau of Driver Licensing
            P.O. Box 68272
            Harrisburg, PA 17106-8272

Change Registration or Title Address in PA

Whenever you move address in Pennsylvania, you will be required to make sure the PennDOT is notified of the change within the required 15 days. You are able to complete this change either online at Change Registration or by completing the necessary form MV-63, which you can download and print Change of Address  and sending to the address listed above.

Why an Address Change Must Be Recorded

All those documents that you receive by mail from the PennDOT are only sent to the address that is listed within your file with the office. If your address is incorrect on file, your documents aren’t going to reach the right address, which could leave you unaware of your driving status, renewal requirements for your license or registration, and unable to complete the mail-in processes that are available to you in the state. Recording your new address in Pennsylvania is necessary to ensure that all your PennDOT related documents, items, and paperwork is sent to you and only you, at the address that you reside within.


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