• Vehicle Code

PA Vehicle Code

There is no way possible that you shouldn’t know the driver and vehicle laws and regulation in PA with the broad wealth of resources and publications offered, including the PA vehicle code. There is even online access to the Pennsylvania vehicle code, simply by visiting online.

  • Several chapters of codes used in Pennsylvania by the DOT.
  • All vehicle laws explained legally.
  • Traffic ticket and violation explanation.

This could be compared to the Bible of driving, offering all the answers to any questions you may have concerning traffic tickets, vehicles, and driving in the state.

Contents of PA’s Vehicle Code

Each motor vehicle law in Pennsylvania is contained within Title 67, which is found online at PA's Vehicle Code  and is listed under “Transportation”. There are 125 total chapters in the vehicle code, which include:

  • Large Oversize/Overweight Loads
    • Permit regulations and requirements
    • Violations and penalties
    • License revocation
    • Vehicle registration
  • Photo License
    • Forms of identification accepted
    • Camera card issuance
    • Fees assessed
  • IID – Ignition Interlock Device
    • Installing IID
    • Removing IID
    • Reissue of IID restricted license
  • Temporary Registration and Tags
    • Issued temporary registration plates
    • Issued temporary registration documentation
    • Using temporary registration
  • Antique/Classic Vehicles in PA
    • Definitions of vehicles
    • Application for plates
    • Expiration of plates
  • Odometer Reading Disclosure Statement
    • Transfer of ownership
    • Exemptions
    • Statements on documents

The vehicle code is not to be confused with the driver’s handbook in PA, which offers more focus on drivers and the rules that should be followed as drivers take the wheel. The vehicle code instead offers a full description of the various laws that PennDOT has under way, as well as the government laws imposed on drivers and vehicles.

If you are appearing in court for a traffic case, or any related case to your vehicle or driving, however, you will find that the vehicle code serves as an excellent resource, which your traffic lawyer will utilize to help represent your case. If you want a better understanding of the proceedings, this is the publication to take a look at before you even step foot in the court house.


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