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PA Vehicle History Reports

Some people wonder why they should even bother getting a vehicle history report, but the truth is that it can be such a vital record to a used car purchase that you really should never pass it up. Even if you think you know what you are doing in checking out a vehicle, there are some details that you could miss and a vehicle could easily be a lemon without you being the wiser.

Using the VIN of the vehicle, you can find various sources that are able to provide a detailed vehicle history that offers a good bit of information on the past years the vehicle has lived through, what it has been involved in, and various details that could suggest the vehicle isn’t exactly what you thought – or perhaps more of a solid deal than you originally thought.

  • Past severe damages to vehicle: flood, hurricane, fire, other substantial damages
  • Past owners of the vehicle
  • Previous accidents if any
  • Liens and title status
  • Branding of title

There are different types of vehicle history reports offered, with different records offered. While some may offer limited information, there are others that offer a more complete history record to go by.

So, why does the vehicle history report come in handy? It really depends on why you are using the report as to what benefit it serves.

Vehicle Buyers

Buying a used vehicle can be so risky if you don’t really know what you are getting into. Unlike a new vehicle off a dealership lot, you aren’t always getting warranty over the vehicle, and you aren’t always given the full scoop on the vehicle.

  • Find out whether the vehicle has incurred operation altering damages.
  • Determine whether the vehicle is stolen or branded.
  • Find out what to expect from repairs and issues.

If you are looking for a reliable vehicle, this report is the best tool to ensure yourself that you are getting the best deal. In some cases, you can even negotiate a better price for the vehicle based on the report.

Vehicle Sellers

There are several different reasons why a seller of a vehicle could benefit greatly from a vehicle history report.

  • Proving status of the vehicle and ownership.
  • Proving the value of the vehicle and negotiating a better selling price.
  • Offering more assurance to potential buyers, offering more of a seal of satisfaction.

There are great benefits of the vehicle history report, giving you more of a basis for your transaction overall.


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