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PA Traffic Schools

Pennsylvania traffic schools are an excellent means for drivers within the state to refresh their good driving practices.  Safe driving techniques and rules of the road will be taught during the course, and drivers just may find that the course may save their lives on the road, someday. 

Although PA State does not have a list of state approved traffic schools, non-official traffic schools are available for PA State drivers for enrollment.

Ticket Dismissal and Point Reduction

Many states in the United States allow drivers who have received a traffic violation the option of taking a safe driving class and having the points that occur on your driver’s license as a result of the ticket, reduced or dismissed.  However, PA State does not.

There are cases where the court might require that you attend a safe driving class.  When the courts do order you to attend a PA traffic course, your ticket may be waived or your fine reduced.

Insurance Discounts

Many PA State insurance companies offer a discount to PA drivers that enroll and complete a traffic training course.  To find out if your insurance provider offers the discount contact your provider.

Mature Driver Discount

If you are a PA State driver that is 55 years of age or older, you are entitled to receive at least a 5% discount from you auto insurance company, provided you take a state approved mature driver improvement course.  For specific requirements regarding the class, contact your insurance provider.

The mature driver will be granted the discount on their insurance premiums for three years.  However, mature drivers that are involved in an chargeable accident, or accumulate points against their driver’s record, may have the discount removed.

After the three years, mature PA State drivers may retake the course in order to receive another discount.  The cost of the course will vary, depending on the provider.


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