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PA Lemon Law

Consumer protection when it comes to buying and selling PA vehicles is very important to the state, thus, the PA automobile Lemon Law is in effect to ensure that car buyers are protected from unjust sales.

If you think that you have become a victim of a lemon, whether or not you believe it to be an intentional sale of a dud, you should understand just what this Lemon Law covers and what rights you have before you begin to prosecute the seller. In some cases, the vehicle may not qualify as a lemon, while in others there is a bit more information needed to deem the vehicle is a lemon.

Vehicles Covered by Lemon Law

There are various vehicles covered by the Lemon Law in PA. These vehicles could be leased or purchased, but must be new and registered in Pennsylvania with the PennDOT, and could be purchased or leased out of the state or in-state.

However, there are some vehicles that aren’t covered by the PA Lemon Law:

  • Motorcycles or other qualified motorbikes
  • RV’s and motorhomes
  • Off-road vehicles

Consumer Protection through Lemon Law

Per the PA Lemon Law, any flaw must be fixed at the manufacturer’s expense by the manufacturer or their service representatives if the following applies.

  • Vehicle has been purchased or leased no more than one year prior
  • The odometer still shows  under 12,000 miles
  • Express warranty is still current and valid

The law also states that the flaw or malfunction must be substantial to the value or safety of the vehicle.

Flaw Remains Unfixed

If you have taken your vehicle at least 3 times for repairs, which were not adequate to repair the issues at hand, or if the repairs do not maintain the vehicle’s issues and the issues reoccur within 30 days, a replacement vehicle that is worth the same amount or a full refund is possible.

  1. Alert manufacturer of the actions you plan to take.
  2. The manufacturer may or may not comply.
  3. If compliance is met, the manufacturer will provide you with the options and allow you to choose the most sufficient method.
  4. If compliance is not met, which can happen in many cases, you will need to contact a Lemon Law lawyer or attorney to pursue a law suit against the manufacturer.

Documents to Support the Pennsylvania Lemon Law

If you want to be sure that the Lemon Law in Pennsylvania works well for you, you should maintain records that document the issues and the problems you incur. These documents are the best witness to your issues and your best source of proving that you are a victim of a lemon.

  • Vehicle sale and lease documents
  • Vehicle maintenance records, which could be receipts for any supplies
  • Vehicle repair statements
  • Any documents that pertain to the vehicle’s flaws

Assistance with Lemon Law

If you aren’t sure what to expect, what is involved, or if you have concerns about your situation, you can contact the Office of Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection by phone toll free at 1-800-441-2555. You could also visit the site online to get a great summary of the law at Pennsylvania's Automobile Lemon Law.


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