• Drivers Over 18

PA Drivers Over 18

Sometimes you don’t get around to getting your driver’s license until you have already reached 18, for whatever reason, or you could be just getting into Pennsylvania, and need to get a state driver’s license to release the previous state license.

  • Class A License: Operation of combination vehicle over 26,000 lbs. (motor home with vehicle in tow)
  • Class B License: Operation of bus, truck, or motorhome over 26,000 lbs.
  • Class C License: Operation of basic private-passenger, standard vehicle.
  • Class M License: Operation of classified motorcycles or motor-powered bikes.
  • Commercial License: Operation of qualified and regulated commercial vehicles and trailers, offered in Classes A, B, and C.

** Before reaching 18, new drivers must first obtain a learner’s permit, hold for 6 months, complete practice hours, obtain a Junior License, hold for 12 months, and either complete driver’s ed or hold until 18.

Driver’s Education Requirements

  • For those under 18, it is helpful to complete driver’s ed to get an unrestricted license before 18. However, it is not a required course – but does offer quite a bit of quality training.
  • If you are over the age of 18, the course is still not required, but will improve your quality of driving skills.

Prepare for Driver’s Exam

Make sure you take advantage of the resources PennDOT provides for you to learn about driving much easier and more efficiently.

There are several third-party providers of the Pennsylvania driver’s exam practice tests, which offer superior training towards the written exam. If you want preparation for the driver’s road exam, the driver’s ed course offered in your area is your best tool.

Find the PennDOT Office You Need

Not all offices of the PennDOT are offering the same services, but if you are ready for your driver’s license, you will visit the Driver’s License Location Information Center near you.

Use the link above to find the office that is in your county and can offer the services you need.

Preparing for Test Day

When it’s time to report to the PennDOT office you chose, you should be prepared. You may want to gather the following ahead of time and plan on bringing the following information with you:

Taking PA Written Driving Test

Once you feel that you have sufficiently studied the driver’s manual, have completed driver’s ed (although not required), and have gotten all your documents together, visit the location that you chose from the available PennDOT offices in order to take your written exam and vision exam.

  1. Schedule testing. You may make same day appointments for written exam.
  2. Visit PennDOT Driver’s License Center with documents and fee in hand.
  3. Complete written exam, which includes 18 questions, 15 of which must be answered correctly for a passing score.

If the test is failed, you will be given your forms back, which you will want to keep. You will need to resubmit them once you return for another test, which is only offered at least 1 business day after a failed test.

**You can request an oral or Spanish exam if needed.

Get Your Vehicle

In order to take the PA road exam, you need a vehicle. It is easier to have your own, especially if you get the permit or if you want to ensure that you have the vehicle when you need it. Don’t forget to obtain a vehicle history report before purchasing any second-hand vehicles, and check out the information provided by 4DMV.com to provide great tips for finding a vehicle that is right for you.

Obtain Auto Insurance Policy

Once you have your vehicle, be sure that you also get it insured, as it cannot be operated for any reason publicly without at least the minimal required coverage.

Take Your Driving Road Exam in PA

Once everything is in line, you can then make an appointment at  Online's Driver's Test Scheduling to take the road exam, or you can call 1-800-423-5542 to set the appointment instead. If you are just arriving in the state and your out-of-state license is still valid, the road test is not required.

  1. Bring current learner’s permit.
  2. Bring your vehicle with state inspection sticker up-to-date, emissions sticker if it applies to your county and valid insurance as well as PA registration.
  3. Make sure that the driver that accompanies you to your test brings their license, as it must be shown.

If you are passed through the exam, you will then receive a camera card, after which you are sent to the photo licensing center. Once your picture is taken, you will receive the photo license, which won’t need renewal for 4 years.

If you fail the exam, you have 3 more attempts to complete the test, after which an extension on the learning permit is required.


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