Schedule a Road Test

When preparing to take your PA road skills test which is required to obtain you PA driver’s license, you can schedule an appointment by calling the PA DMV.  If, however, you are new to the state and hold a driver’s license form your previous state, you are not required to take the PA road sills test. 

Where do I Schedule my PA Road Skills Test

In order to schedule your PA road test, simply call 800-423-5542 or you can schedule your road test online

What Do You Need to Bring to the Test

If you are a PA driver that is younger than 18 years, you will need to bring your Parent / Guardian Certification form

  • Your current learner’s permit
  • A vehicle that hold a valid PA State sticker of inspection, a sticker of emissions testing, and valid proof of insurance and the vehicle’s registration
  • The license of the person that accompanied you to your local PA DMV

Once You Pass Your PA Road Test

If you pass your road test, you will then be given a camera card which you will take to the Photo License Center.  Once you have your photograph taken, you will then be issued your PA driver’s license, which will be valid for four years.

If You Fail Your PA Road Test

For applicants that are under the age of 18 years old, they must wait for a period of at least seven days before they are permitted to retake the road test.  The applicant will have three attempts to take the road test.  If you fail all three times, then the driver will need to ask for an extension on their learner’s permit.


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