Employee Oklahoma DMV Driving Records

Employee Oklahoma DMV Driving Records aren’t a hassle with 4DMV.com, your portal to all your DMV driving related needs. 

There is a reason why employers have access to Oklahoma employee DMV driving records.  Ohio State provides the right to employers that may hire an individual to operate a company vehicle or currently drives a company vehicle.  With this privilege, employers do not make a costly mistake of employing a hazardous driver and Ohio State helps to ensure the safety of the roadways. 

DMV records provide valuable information to employers.  This is official DMV documentation that is maintained by Ohio State Department of Motor Vehicles.  From the time an individual is granted their first license, the state begins to track and monitor their driving abilities and how responsible they are on the road.  This is done by maintaining a DMV driving record on each registered driver.  To the employer, DMV records can be a lifesaver. 


As mentioned, the Ohio Department of Motor Vehicles maintains DMV records on all registered vehicles.  Each time a driver is cited with a moving violation or other violation that breaks the road rules and laws that they are found guilty of, the offense is recorded on their DMV driving record.  These violations can be anything from a parking ticket to an at fault accident to a DUI.

Ohio State DMV works on a point system.  This system allows the DMV to easily track and monitor how responsible drivers are in regards to road rules and laws, and how safe they are on the roadways.  Each offense, no matter how great or small is given a point value and marks are placed against the individual’s DMV driving record.  Ohio State has set a “cap” of the maximum points allowed.  When a driver reaches this cap, they will then have their Ohio State driver’s license revoked or suspended. 

Each driving violation is also given a specific amount of time that it will be carried on a driver’s DMV record.  This length of time will vary, depending on the severity of the case.  Typically, a driving offense will remain on an individual’s record for three to five years.

This system helps to keep drivers responsible and the access of these records to employers helps to ensure that the employer places qualified drivers behind the wheel of their company vehicle.


Oklahoma DMV records are a history of how well a driver has performed while a driver of Ohio roadways and highways.  DMV driving records don’t just stop in Ohio.  Violations that the Ohio driver has received while driving in other states will also show on their DMV driving record. 

Employers can expect to find all traffic violations that the driver has been found guilty of.  These violations can be as minor as a parking ticket or they can be as major as a felony DUI. 

Oklahoma employers will have the option to obtain these records for the past three to seven years.  These records are copies of the official Ohio State DMV records.

Oklahoma DMV driving records will show a history of:

  • All collisions the driver has been involved in
  • All parking tickets the driver has received
  • All traffic violations the driver has received
  • All moving violations the driver has received
  • If the driver has ever had their license suspended or revoked
  • DUIs and DWIs the driver may have received
  • Departmental actions
  • All other driving offenses that are marks against the driver’s driving record


Oklahoma State provides each employer within Oklahoma State and outside Oklahoma State with the right to access these records in one of two ways.  First, the Oklahoma State DMV provides these records to all employers that request copies of DMV records.  If an employer wishes to take this avenue, they will have to visit their local DMV office in person.  This is more time consuming than the second option, as the DMV office may not provide DMV driving records upon request.  Often, the records will be mailed to the employer, which takes about two weeks.

The second option employers have is to obtain employee DMV records online.  This is the simpler of the two means to obtain employee DMV driving records, and one that most employers find convenient.  4DMV.com realizes the need for employers to have information they can trust, which is why we have partnered with 4SafeDrivers.com, a reputable supplier of DMV driving records.  4SafeDrivers.com provides accurate and affordable DMV records to all employers who need Oklahoma employee DMV records.  The company is a trusted vendor and provides employers the convenience to set up an account and handles their requests quickly.  It is the right of the employer to obtain access to DMV driving records and one that employers should take advantage of.

Oklahoma State employers are not at the mercy of employing a driver to later find that they do not have the ability or responsibility to drive safely on the road.  With employee DMV records, employers have the insight to make an informed decision as to an individual’s conduct behind the wheel of a vehicle. 

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