Ohio DMV Driving Records

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The state of Ohio monitors drivers to ensure they are responsible and abide by the road rules and laws. The OH Department of Motor Vehicles tracks and monitors each driver through DMV driving records. When a driver accumulates traffic tickets and violations or is involved in an accident, they are accumulating points for these offenses on their DMV records. Too many points and the driverís license is suspended or revoked. It is important for drivers to know what is on their DMV record to ensure they are in good standing.

DMV driving records provide drivers, employers and insurance companies alike with a history of driving errors that the driver has been found guilty of. These errors include:

  • Auto accidents
  • Tickets, points, violations and fines
  • Departmental actions
  • Driverís license suspensions, revocations and cancellation
  • Driverís license endorsements and classification

Ohio State may allow some drivers to clean up their records through a driving course, which is a great way to eliminate marks against your license, and to help lower your insurance costs. For more information on driving courses, visit our Traffic Schools section.

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How to Obtain Your Ohio DMV Records

All drivers, whether their licenses are valid, suspended or revoked, have the privilege to obtain their DMV records. Individuals can request a copy of their DMV driving records through their local DMV office. This is the lengthier of the two means to find DMV records, as you must apply in person and there may be a wait time of up to two weeks. To learn the hours-of-operation of your nearby DMV branch office, visit our Locations and Hours section.

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It is important to have your DMV records, to not only ensure that there are no mistakes, but prior to applying for a job, as many employers use DMV driving records to screen potential employers, and you want to ensure that there are no surprises. You also may have the opportunity to clean up points against you.

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