Ohio Employee DMV Driving Records

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Ohio employers are not on the mercy of an individual they may hire when it comes to the truthfulness of their driving abilities.  Ohio employers, and employers out of state, have access to what are called employee DMV driving records.  These records are available to all employers that currently employ employees that drive company vehicles and potential employees for hire.  Ohio State takes the role of the employer to hire safe and responsible drivers seriously, and provides this right to employers.  DMV records are official state records and records that can save employers the terrible mistake of employing the wrong individual to operate a company vehicle. 

DMV records hold powerful information that is specific to a driver.  This information shows an employer just how well a driver abides by the road rules and laws of the road.  When an employer receive a report that shows a high degree of driving violations and infractions it alerts the employer that this may not only be an individual that should not be behind the wheel of a company vehicle but one that does not respect or follow the directions set.  DMV driving records are a tremendous asset to the employer and one that no employer should do without.


In Ohio, driving records are maintained on all registered drivers by the Ohio Department of Motor Vehicles.  DMV records reflect how responsible a driver is in regards to rules and laws set by Ohio State.  When a driver is caught breaking these road rules and laws they begin to incur marks against their DMV record.  Through DMV driving records, Ohio State DMV is able to track and monitor the safety and responsibility of each driver on the roadways. 

Every driving offense that a driver commits and is found guilty of is recorded against their DMV record.  These are minor offenses and major offenses and ones that begin to alert the state that the driver is not abiding by the law. 

Ohio State DMV works on a point system.  Each violation or infraction recorded on the individual’s DMV driving record is allotted a specific amount of points.  Ohio State DMV has set a limit to how many points a driver may receive over a specific amount of time.  When a driver reaches the limit set by the state, they are then recognized as an unsafe and irresponsible driver and removed from the roadways by the state.  Depending on the offenses will depend on the length of time in which the individual’s driver’s license is suspended or revoked.

DMV driving records can be obtained by employer for the past three to seven years.


Ohio DMV records show an accurate account of all driving errors that a driver has committed.  These are traffic violations and infractions that law enforcement has caught the driver committing and the driver has been found guilty of. 

Ohio DMV driving records will show an employer a complete history for the past three to seven years.  These records are official DMV documentation and an asset to each employer.

Ohio DMV driving records will reflect a history of:

  • All auto accidents
  • All parking tickets
  • All traffic violations
  • All moving violations
  • If the driver’s license is or has been suspended
  • If the driver’s license is or has been revoked
  • DUIs and DWIs
  • Departmental actions
  • All other driving offenses that are marks against the driver’s driving record


Ohio State permits employers to obtain DMV records in one of two ways.  First, an employer can obtain the records through the Ohio State Department of Motor Vehicles.  Should an employer choose this method, they will have to visit their local DMV office to request the DMV records.  Depending on your DMV office will depend on how they handle the transaction.  Some office may award the reports on the spot, while others may require the employer to wait while they mail them the records. 

The second means to obtain DMV driving records to request the records online through approved DMV record suppliers. 4DMV.com realizes that there are shady operations on the net, and because so, we have partnered with 4SafeDrivers.com to provide our users with reputable services and accurate DMV records.  4SafeDrivers.com is a leader in the industry and supplying employers across the state with accurate and up to date DMV records in a timely and convenient manner. 

Ohio State is not a state where employers have the disadvantage of not knowing a drivers abilities and responsibilities when it comes to the roadways.  Ohio State favors employers to obtain employee DMV driving records before they employ a driver that could be hazardous, behind the wheel of their company vehicle.


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