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Salvaged vehicles are those vehicles that have been declared destroyed past a valuable repair. In other words, the owner or the insurance company has declared that the repairs needed for the vehicle are more than the vehicle is worth, or nearly as much as the vehicle is worth, therefore making these repairs no longer valuable. The state of New York has regulations regarding salvaged vehicles in the state, ensuring that used car buyers aren’t caught off guard when in search of a used car to purchase as a daily driver. These salvaged vehicles may have been involved in a collision or other incident the created damages that were too much for a logical repair, therefore, there could be a great deal more wrong with the vehicle than just what is seen.

  • The New York DMV issues branded titles on NY salvaged vehicles, which provides those searching for a pre-owned vehicle with the needed information to determine whether purchasing the vehicle is a wise decision or not. If the vehicles damages call for repairs that will total 75% or more of the vehicle’s current value, and is at least 8 or less years old, the vehicle’s title will be branded for all those interested in the vehicle to see.
  • When you think of salvaged vehicles, you may think of those clunkers sitting in the junk yard often used for spare parts, or even those that were mangled so badly, they would never see asphalt again. However, there are those buyers out there that enjoy purchasing New York branded vehicles with the sole intention of restoring the vehicle – which is possible in some cases. However, never fall for “doctored” vehicles, as if they are branded, there may be more wrong with a vehicle than is visible. In some cases, vehicles can even get on the road again, only to completely break down with a minimal amount of force, once again leaving you without the vehicle that you thought you had. In most cases, if a vehicle is totaled and branded, there is no hope for the vehicle once again reaching full integrity.

More NY Salvage Vehicle Information

If you are looking for the key information for owning, branding, registering, and placing a salvaged vehicle in New York back on the roadways, there are great links directed to the New York DMV that will help.

All salvaged vehicle owners in NY that plan to sell their vehicle must disclose the branded title and condition of the vehicle before sale is possible. However, this doesn’t mean that they all will, which is why performing a New York title check and vehicle history report check will provide you with the best information before you buy.

  • At the other end of the spectrum, there are those buyers out there looking for salvaged vehicles in NY to restore, which are then provided a rebuilt salvage title if passed through inspection. Inspection will determine whether there are any parts of the vehicle or whether the vehicle itself is stolen or has been reported stolen, as well as ensuring that the vehicle is safe to enter New York roadways. There are many cases when a vehicle was simply salvaged because the repairs were more than the value of the vehicle, but the vehicle could still be adequately repaired, which means that you could have a used vehicle opportunity that is much less expensive than other vehicles. If the vehicle still passes emissions or safety inspection, or if the vehicle is repaired and then passes these inspections, a rebuilt salvage title will be issued to you, after which you can once again operate in the state.

Salvaging a New York Vehicle

While there are cases when you may certify the vehicle as a salvaged vehicle, there are also many cases where the insurance company is the one to deem the vehicle a salvaged vehicle. This can be either because the repairs are too costly and the insurance company feels that it is no longer feasible to repair the vehicle, or because the vehicle has been mangled so badly that it will no longer operate adequately or properly, while also posing a threat to those who drive the vehicle. If that is the case, the insurance company will likely seize the vehicle as soon as it is deemed as a branded vehicle in NY.

  • If you are selling the vehicle or transferring the title of the vehicle, you will have responsibilities you must uphold. For instance, you must complete the disclosure statement found on the rear of the vehicle’s title, where you will indicate if the vehicle has been damaged, destroyed, or even wrecked and that the repairs are up to 75% or more of the vehicle’s used car value.
  • If you do not find this disclosure statement section on the rear of the title, you can use Form MV-103 to provide the appropriate disclosure. To download and print this form online, visit odometer and damage disclosure statement. You are responsible for disclosing this statement before you can legally sell the vehicle, with failure to disclose the branding of the vehicle often costing up to $2,000 in state applied fees, with other additional penalties also possible.

Recommission New York Salvaged Vehicle

If you are attempting to obtain a new title and registration for a vehicle that has been previously destroyed or damaged as indicated on the Certificate of Title or on Form MV-103, you will need to bring the appropriate branded title or Form MV-103, as well as your proof of any sales tax paid or proof of the purchase price of the vehicle to the NY DMV.

You may be required to pay the necessary sales tax, at which point the New York DMV will provide you with the Form FS-6T, which states that your sales tax on the vehicle has been paid. Your vehicle must then be inspected for any stolen parts or components before the title and registration is issued. Form MV-899, available online at Application for Salvage Vehicle Examination can provide you with the needed instructions for obtaining a new title or registration on your salvaged vehicle, with a list of fees as well.

  • Bring Certificate of Title or the Form MV-103 for salvaged vehicle disclosure.
  • Bring the Form FS-6T sales tax receipt.
  • Complete and submit Form MV-82, the Vehicle Registration/Title Application.
  • Complete and submit Form MV-899, the Application for Examination of Salvage Vehicle.
  • Pay $200 by check or money order to Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, with the fee rising $5 if you haven’t submitted the MV-907A proof of ownership and instead submitted another form of proof of ownership.

All documents and fees must be mailed to the following address:

      Auto Theft & Salvage, DFI

      P.O. Box 2105

      Empire State Plaza

      Albany, NY 12220-0105

Once you have completed the above steps, an appointment for vehicle inspection will then be made by the NY DMV Division of Investigators Auto Theft Unit, in order to inspect the vehicle for any stolen parts, or to check to ensure the vehicle is not stolen. If your vehicle passes the inspection, the DMV will provide you with a new title that is branded as a rebuilt salvage vehicle in New York. Once the vehicle is salvaged, there is never again a clear title for the vehicle, as it will always be branded until it no longer exists.

  • If you would like to call to find out where to go for your inspection, visit the DMV website at  Directions to Salvage Examination Facilities. This page will show you where to go, how to get your vehicle there, and what you must do in preparation of the testing.
  • Only when the vehicle passes the New York emissions test will you be issued new registration for the vehicle. Even if your rebuilt salvage vehicle is from out-of-state, the New York DMV will require inspection before you can get a NY title and registration.

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