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NY Vehicle Code

If you are operating a New York registered vehicle, you are obviously going to have to follow the New York vehicle and traffic laws set forth by the state. Where to find these laws? The New York Vehicle Code is the best source of all the state’s traffic laws that pertain to drivers like you. The Vehicle Code of New York holds information concerning vehicle equipment and registration in New York, the methods of driving safer, driver’s licensing, and even financial responsibility/auto insurance, drivers under 18, the auto industry and dealers within, and much more to do with driving in the state.

If you are to ever receive a New York traffic ticket, you will be able to find the infraction within New York’s Vehicle Code for more understanding of the law you broke or violation you have committed, and how to handle it further. You can also just use the NY Vehicle Code for basic safety and traffic law information that is obviously good to know if you are driving around the state.

For a full copy of the New York Vehicle Code, you can visit www.safeny.com/vt-ndx.htm for easy online access that is going to inform you better of what your responsibilities are as a New York driver. You can find anything from simple rules to follow when driving to the more serious laws that you must know about to avoid penalties and even loss of your license.

Sample Information from Vehicle Code in NY

If you want a sample of what to expect from the NY Vehicle Code you will find many of these sections and information within -- all helping you to remain a more informed driver in NY.

GTSC Program Areas

  • Alcohol and drugs/DUI/DWI
  • Bikes/Wheel Sport Safety
  • Talking/Texting while Driving/Distracted Driving
  • Emergency Vehicles/Medical Services
  • Motorcycles/ATV’s/Mopeds
  • Protection of Occupants

Rules of the Road

  • Right of Way
  • Turn Signals
  • Following too Close/Tailgating
  • Safe Lane Changing

Checking Your NY Driver Status

If you aren’t sure where you have accumulated too many license points, or have committed a violation that has caused your license to be suspended, the Vehicle Code isn’t the only resource to help. You can obtain your personal driving record from the NY DMV or even from the various sources that are offered online so you can find out whether you are able to drive in the state legally or if you must make the appropriate arrangements to ensure that your license is reinstated.


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