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Looking for the right New York DMV phone numbers to connect to the services that you require to get on the road, renew your vehicle registration or driver's license, or to get any other DMV services for NY residents? Look no further, as 4dmv.com has the information you need. The New York DMV handles many services for residents of the state, while also providing online services that can help you improve your overall experience with quicker services and  no lines. However, if you don't have the right phone numbers, you may not be getting all the information you could, and may find that you aren't sure who to call when you do have to report to the DMV in-office. These numbers can help you still save time if online services aren't provided for what you need.

Setting a New York DMV Appointment

  • While not all services can be scheduled beforehand with the New York DMV, you will be required to schedule an appointment with the DMV before you can take your road exam. Luckily, you are given 2 options for setting your appointment, either by phone or online. If you wish to call the DMV to set your appointment, you can speak to a representative at 1-518-402-2100; if you set your appointment online you can visit Road Test Appointment You can also use the online scheduler to set your commercial road test appointment as well.
  • If you are ever required to complete salvage inspection of your New York vehicle, you will automatically be given a DMV issued appointment, but you can change the appointment to another more convenient time if you wish by emailing the office at dficancel@dmv.state.ny.us, or by calling the office at 1-518-486-6560.

Finding Your Local New York DMV Office

The New York DMV offers all the information you need to locate the right DMV office for in-person appointments or visits, the phone numbers that you will need to contact the DMV office, and all other DMV related offices and agencies within the state of New York in one single web page. This page includes information for the following offices and departments:

  • Local Offices Per County
  • Traffic Violations Bureau Offices
  • Road Tests Per County
  • International Registration Bureau
  • Central NY DMV Office
  • Customer Service Counter
  • Private Service Bureaus

Contacting the New York DMV

If you need to contact the New York DMV for driver's licensing and vehicle titling/registration, there are different numbers to call based on where you live in the state.

  • New York City: 212-645-5550; 718-966-6155
  • Area Code 516, 631, 845, or 914: 718-477-4820
  • Area Code 315, 518, 585, 607, or 716: 518-486-9786
  • Out-of-state issues: 518-473-5595

You can also visit the website for any licensing, titling, and registration contact information.


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