Employee New Hampshire DMV Driving Records

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New Hampshire has a service that is valuable to employers, and that is the service to obtain DMV driving records.  It is all too often that an employer places a hazardous driver behind the wheel of a company vehicle.  New Hampshire State realizes the need for safety within a company and on the roadways, and is doing their part by allowing employers access to official DMV records, that may save an employer from a costly mistake. 

DMV records are the means for employers to gauge the safety and responsibility of a driver.  These records are a reflection of how well the driver as followed the road rules and laws of the road.  A driving record, to an employer, may also so insight to how well the individual may follow company policy, as it is a statement of reliability and credibility, as well.


New Hampshire driving records are kept by the Department of Motor Vehicles.  Each state in the US is responsible for maintaining records of registered drivers in their state.  When an individual receives a citation that they are found guilty of, while operating a vehicle, the citation is then recorded on their DMV record.  DMV tracks and monitors each driver and when the driver begins to accumulate too many points, the driver runs the risk of their driver’s license being revoked or suspended. 

New Hampshire, like all other states in the US, works on a point system.  Each violation is allotted a set amount of points.  For instance, a parking ticket may be work one or more points, while a DUI is worth many points and the consequences include having your driver’s license suspended. 

When a driver receives violations that result in points against their record, those points will remain on the individual’s DMV driving record for a specific amount of time.

Employers gain a good insight to how well an individual’s driving abilities are, and just how well they respect the road rules and laws and may perform in a company vehicle.


New Hampshire DMV records are a history of a driver’s past and present driving errors which they have incurred while operating a vehicle on the roadways and highways.  These are violations which the driver has received and been found guilty of.  Each of these violations are detailed with the date and time and the points that the driver has accumulated due to the violation, on their driving record. These records are how DMV track the safety and responsibility of a New Hampshire drivers, and how employers can measure the potential risk to the company.

New Hampshire DMV records will show:

  • If the driver has had their license revoked
  • Any suspensions the driver has received
  • Parking violations
  • Moving violations
  • Traffic tickets
  • Auto collisions
  • DUIs or DWIs
  • Departmental actions
  • And, any other driving offense the driver has been found guilty of


New Hampshire allows employers to obtain DMV records in one of two ways.  First, the Department of Motor Vehicles will supply employers with DMV records at the employer’s request.  However, the employer must request these records in person, at their local DMV office.  The DMV office may require that the records be mailed, which will take up to two weeks or more.

New Hampshire State also allows employers to obtain DMV records online.  Because not all vendors of DMV records are reputable, 4DMV.com has partnered with 4SafeDrivers.com to bring their users a reputable source of DMV driving records.  4SafeDrivers.com supplies employers with accurate and up to date DMV records in a convenient manner that is affordable.  The employer has the right to these records on all individuals they may place behind the wheel of a company vehicle.  4SafeDrivers.com makes the process to obtain DMV records simple, and all employers can set up an account that they can use now and in the futre.

New Hampshire DMV driving records are like gold to an employer, and no employer should place an individual behind the wheel of a company vehicle without the knowledge of their driving history and just how responsible they have been while operating a vehicle on the roadways and highways.


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