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NC Salvaged Vehicles

Understanding what a salvaged vehicle is can help you avoid purchasing a used vehicle that is going to result in higher costs and low quality transportation. There are two main indicators that qualify a vehicle as a salvaged vehicle – leading to a “salvage” brand on the title of the vehicle:

  • Vehicle is legally and/or mechanically inoperable based on state highway and roadway standards.
  • Vehicle is unable to successfully pass a state safety inspection without needing repairs that will overcome the value of the vehicle.

You cannot register or even drive a salvaged or branded vehicle, but it is possible to buy and sell, or even own these vehicles. When you hear about a vehicle history report or title check, however, these are the vehicles these reports are protecting you from buying as in some cases they are sold fraudulently without the information you need to make a quality decision.

There are serious requirements that are in place with registration and titling of vehicles so that fraud like this doesn’t occur – however it is up to you to protect yourself as it will happen if you aren’t careful.

Salvaged Vehicle Registration and Titling

Since a salvaged vehicle is known as such due to safety compliance failure and mechanical error, it is absolutely necessary that you prove your vehicle’s repairs bringing it to compliance and appropriate operation before you can even register and title it.

You must obtain a Rebuilt Salvage title before you can register the vehicle, meaning that these repairs and code compliance must be proven to get the rebuild title, which then is used to obtain salvage vehicle registration.

  1. Complete your application for title. This form is an office issue only and cannot be found online.
  2. Obtain your certificate of salvage if your vehicle is an out-of-state branded vehicle; or complete the appropriate certifying form.
  3. Complete an application for Reconstructed, Specially Constructed, and Modified Vehicles which may be available on the internet.
  4. Take and submit photos to show all sides of the vehicle in color.
  5. Submit any Bill of Sale or other documentation that purchase of the appropriate parts and necessary components to bring the vehicle to standards took place. A generic Bill of Sale kit is offered online for complete documentation.
  6. Complete the VIN Plate application if necessary. This form can be often found online and must be submitted to DMV office.

Once you pay all your registration fees following, you will receive your salvaged vehicle registration. Remember that a safety inspection and confirmation of parts is required before the application can be submitted.

Declaring a Vehicle Salvaged

For branding a vehicle as salvaged, you can apply for the original salvaged certificate. You must own the vehicle and will have to surrender the current title.


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