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Just because the vehicle you are operating isn’t your primary or a standard vehicle such as a car or truck, doesn’t mean that you aren’t required to register the vehicle in NORTH CAROLINA. In fact, all vehicles with wheels are typically required to obtain registration before operation on public roads is even legal.

There are different types of RV and motorhome type vehicles such as:

  • Travel Trailers
  • Tent Trailers
  • Pick-Up Truck Campers
  • Recreational Vehicles, or RV’s
  • Motorhomes

There is a similar registration process for these types of vehicles as there is for standard vehicles, except the fees are going to be greatly different in most cases. Often times, the fees for registration of RV and motorhome vehicles are based on the weight or size of the vehicle.

In most cases, you are even given the opportunity to register your motorhome vehicles based on the season, which can be a great convenience if you aren’t operating the vehicle during all seasons.

Even customized vans that have been converted into a motorhome-like vehicle must be registered as motorhomes, as long as the van’s conversions include the appropriate fixtures for qualification of a motorhome which may include:

  • Permanent structure as bed
  • Permanent kitchen fixtures
  • Desk or table

You will be required to complete a certificate of compliance before registration is possible.

Full Time Registration for Motorhome/RV

  1. Complete your Request for Registration and submit to the DMV.
  2. Provide your RV/Motorhome insurance policy information – otherwise the application is denied.
  3. Include the current odometer reading.
  4. Pay fee through check or money order – or other payment option offered by DMV.

Seasonal Registration for RV/Motorhome

  1. Complete your Seasonal Vehicle Registration application, submitting to DMV location near you.
  2. Indicate month of seasonal registration expiration.
  3. Pay fees with check or money order made out to NC DMV or other listed party appropriate.

You have great options for registering your RV or motorhome, ensuring that you can enjoy the roads in various ways. You are able to make the choice when it comes to registering, just how long it should be registered, and for what season if applicable. This gives you the freedom of the road and your vehicle use, saving you time and money as well.


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