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A boat is a vehicle, but is considered differently than your car or truck in most states. The process for registration and titling of a boat, therefore, can be a bit different than that of a standard motor vehicle. Checking with your county DMV is going to be the best measure for determining the actual process that you have to follow, at which time you can also request any forms that you may need to complete such processes for your NC boat.

What Must Be Registered

Not all boats are considered register-required boats in NORTH CAROLINA. The NC DMV can be the best source of the information pertaining to which type of boat must be registered and which you can operate without state registration.

In most cases, if the boat is motorized or contains an engine for operation, registration is going to be required before you are able to operate within public waters. At the same time, most states aren’t going to require registration for operation of your boat in private waters.

To determine whether or not registration is required, follow these steps:

  1. Contact the DMV or visit the DMV website.
  2. Determine the type of boat you own or plan to operate.
  3. Determine the requirements for boat registration in NORTH CAROLINA.
  4. If required, follow through with registration process.

If you have a hand-made, homemade, or customized boat or similar vehicle, it is a good idea to check with the custom vehicles section before you determine the requirements for your boat.

Boat Titling and Registration in NORTH CAROLINA

The first thing you want to do is determine your specific requirements. You also want to find out what time limits you are bound to for the registration and titling of your boat.

  • Boats purchased from lots are typically titled and registered through the dealer.
  • Check with any dealer or seller determine what you must do to complete registration and titling of your boat.
  • Out of state boats will often follow the process of a new purchase in the state.
  • Temporary use in NC of your boat may or may not require registration or titling in NORTH CAROLINA so check with the DMV to be sure before operating.
  • Obtain the forms and paperwork required through the NORTH CAROLINA DMV for registration and titling of your boat if required.

If you are buying a boat from a private owner, you don’t want to rely on them for the transfer of the registration and titling of your boat as they are not required to complete such tasks. Instead, make sure that you receive all the paperwork needed, including the title and current registration, which you will bring in to the Department of Motor Vehicles office to complete boat registration and titling.

Registration of a boat requires that you apply the appropriate number to the vessel, which you can find out more about through the NORTH CAROLINA DMV or 4DMV.com, giving you the appropriate instructions needed for applying this number to the appropriate area of the boat.

If you want to make sure that you are following the right process and getting the right paperwork and forms turned in, 4DMV.com is going to be the best resource for all that you will need. From information to direct links to the NC DMV forms for registration and titling of a NC boat, you can get connected to the resources needed so you can operate your boat as you wish in the state.


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