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There are several DMV driver services that are available with a schedule, while there are others that aren’t. Depending on the actual office, the options vary, and it is essential that you know the necessary contact information to get in touch with the DMV office near you for the services you need, with or without an appointment.

Why Getting an Available Appointment is a Must

If there is an appointment offered for the services you need, you should make one. It is a rule of thumb for saving time and scheduling ahead to avoid losing wages, wasting time, and arriving at the wrong time. An appointment can often be made one of two popular ways:

  • DMV website
  • DMV phone number

If you want to avoid visiting the DMV office to find that you can’t get the services you need at that time or on that day, wait all day only to find you must return another day, or just sit and wait all day losing wages when you could come in and get out quickly, then schedule a DMV appointment if an offered option.

Schedule Appointment Online for License Tests

In most states, you are offered the ability to schedule an appointment for your licensing tests online or by phone. To obtain the online option, you cannot hold an expired or invalid permit, or be scheduling an oral exam.

You can schedule your test ahead of time, but most DMV locations will not allow same day license test appointment scheduling as it is too short of notice for such a high traffic agency.

Setting your appointment online if offered is simple:

  1. Visit the DMV website available.
  2. Choose Online Appointments feature.
  3. Read the on-screen instructions.
  4. Enter the driver’s license or ID card number.
  5. Enter date of birth.
  6. Choose the test you are taking and the date and time appropriate.

If you don’t want to schedule your appointment online, or your DMV location doesn’t offer online scheduling, you can always call to set the appointment.


There are several different Department of Motor Vehicles locations offered in the state, offering several different services to residents of the state.

  • Vehicle Service Centers
    • Vehicle registration
    • Vehicle titling
    • Vehicle safety inspection
    • VIN check
    • Replacement vehicle documents
    • Renewal of vehicle documents
  • DMV Licensing Centers
    • Driver’s licensing
    • License photos
    • ID cards
    • License testing
    • Change of address

There are some offices known as full service DMV centers, which offer the full array, or at least a large majority of the services offered through the Department of Motor Vehicles.

If you need emissions and smog testing for your vehicle, you will have to contact the DMV to determine the best location to do so. In most cases, you will have to visit a third party agency or the State Patrol to complete this type of test.


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