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NC Phone Numbers

When it is time to visit your local DMV, you need to have the access numbers available in order to ensure that you are visiting the appropriate location, have the proper documentation, or even to just check the hours or schedule an appointment.

There are several different DMV office locations found in NORTH CAROLINA, with different services offered through each. Most offices will provide the whole range of services from licensing to vehicle registration, while also providing vehicle and driver records, voter registration, and others. Having all available methods of contacting the DMV office necessary is an important asset that can help you save a great deal of time, while ensuring that you are getting to the right office.

Be sure to remember that there are some county DMV offices that only provide a limited number of services. Often in smaller counties, the services are split between offices, often reaching the Clerk of Courts and other court administrative departments as well.

There are different offices often found including:

  • DMV full service centers
  • DMV licensing centers
  • DMV vehicle servicing centers
  • Emissions Inspection centers

Hours of operation are subject to change from one office to the next, often varying upon days of the week as well. You should always contact the DMV or locate the website online to ensure that you are visiting during an appropriate time frame.

There are also holiday closings and time changes that can affect your visit and services, so make sure you are aware of when these times are before you set any appointments or plan any DMV visits.

There are several modes of contacting the DMV, which include:

  • Phone
  • Mail
  • In-Person visit
  • Email
  • Website

If you are hearing impaired, there are also special numbers offered to ensure that you can access the DMV as easily as anyone else.

For inquiring about emissions testing, it may be a good idea to contact the NORTH CAROLINA State Patrol or Department of Motor Vehicles in order to ensure that you are following the appropriate standards for your type of vehicle and licensing. You will also need to ensure that any vehicles you are bringing from out of state are appropriately documented and passed through the NC standards.


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