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There is more to auto insurance than just covering your vehicle. Auto insurance also allows you to register and legally drive your vehicle. Before the DMV will even offer vehicle registration on your vehicle, you will have to prove that you hold a valid and updated current insurance policy that contains the basic coverage required in the state – typically liability auto insurance.

There are other ways that you can prove that your vehicle is covered and you are financially responsible over any damages, such as self-insurance policies which are a bit more costly, and dealership insurance which requires that you first hold the minimum required amount of vehicles, typically over 10 in total with the titles in your name.

Private Passenger Liability Auto Insurance

There are several reasons why the state liability auto insurance policy is the most common choice of drivers establishing financial responsibility in NORTH CAROLINA.

  • Often the cheapest rates creating a more affordable policy.
  • Provides the basic coverage required.
  • Easier for drivers to access.
  • Remains within most budgets.

There are several auto insurance providers that offer these state required liability policies, and can even be started right online.

  • Esurance
  • Geico
  • Allstate
  • Progressive
  • Liberty Mutual

There are many others, and you should take your time in obtaining the right policy. In fact, getting car insurance quotes for a comprehensive comparison can be the best method of obtaining the perfect policy within your policy. There are various sites online that offer a collection of quotes from the leading providers, as well as online comparison, making the process much easier for you.

  • www.onlineautoinsurance.com
  • www.carinsurancerates.com
  • www.insurance.com
  • www.2insure4less.com
  • www.autoinsurancerate.com
  • www.carinsurancequotescomparison.com

Failure to Maintain Auto Insurance or Financial Responsibility

If your insurance policy lapses, it is quite possible that the DMV will be automatically alerted so that your registration can be suspended until your policy is reinstated. In some cases, this does not occur, but if you are stopped in traffic for a moving violation and asked for proof of insurance, police can take you to jail, impound your vehicle, and impose quite hefty fines that will put a dent in your pocket and prolong your time getting your auto insurance back.

Never drive a vehicle if you have no auto insurance as you are committing a crime and can encounter some serious penalties, which could include suspension of your license if the offense is repeated continuously.


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