Employee Montana DMV Driving Records

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Montana employers have the right to obtain employee DMV driving records on anyone they may hire or have in their employment.  These records are valuable documentation to the employer and can keep them from costly mistakes of employing the wrong driver.

In the past, Montana employers had to take the word of the individual in regards to their driving abilities.  This is no longer necessary as employers can obtain DMV records on individuals prior to putting them behind the wheel of a company vehicle.  . 


Montana State Department of Motor Vehicles maintains all the records for registered drivers within the state of Montana.  These records are a detailed history of driving errors that the driver has been found guilty of.  Montana DMV measures the severity of the offense in points.  These points are then recorded on the individual’s DMV driving record with the charge.  DMV is able to track and monitor Montana drivers with this system.  When a driver begins to accumulate too many points against their DMV driving record, they jeopardize their freedom to drive, as their license can be suspended or revoked. 

Every error that law enforcement catches the driver committing, and the driver is found guilty of, will go on their record.  This means minor offenses, such as, parking tickets, and major offenses, such as, a DUI or at fault accident.  Each offense has a set amount of time that it will be recorded on an individual’s DMV driving record.

Employers have the right to obtain DMV records on individuals that they consider for hire or have currently employed.


Montana DMV records show a history of the driver’s performance of a set amount of time.  Employers can obtain these records for the past three to seven years.  The records are official DMV documentation of the driver and all the offenses that he has been charged with, while behind the wheel.  An employer can expect to discover:

  • All moving violations the driver has been charged with
  • All speeding violations the driver has been charged with
  • All DUIs or DWIs the driver has been charged with
  • Auto accidents the driver has been involved in
  • Suspensions of the driver’s license
  • Whether the driver has had their license revoked
  • Convictions
  • All driving offenses they have been charged with
  • Departmental actions

DMV records are a means for employers to gain an informed understanding of how well the driver performs on the roadways and how well they abide by the road rules and laws.  When an individual’s DMV driving record is not clean, but, muddled with offenses, they know this is not an individual that should be behind the wheel of their company vehicle. 


To obtain Montana employee DMV records, employers have two options.  The first, is to request the DMV records from your local DMV office.  Employers will have to visit the office in person to request the records.  Depending on the DMV office, will depend on their policy.  Employers may be required to wait up to two weeks or more while the records are being mailed.

The second option is to obtain DMV records online.  4DMV.com realizes the urgency for employers to have quick information that is accurate and up-to-date to avoid the wait time from DMV.  Because of this, we have partnered with 4SafeDrivers.com a reputable vendor of DMV driving records.  4Safedrivers.com is quick and convenient and provides employers with the information they need without the hassle of having to take time from work or the nasty wait time at DMV.   Both means will provide employers with the information they need to ensure that the driver they place behind the wheel of their vehicle does not have a history of driving offenses that could be dangerous for the company.Montana Employers do not have to employ drivers blindly and risk threat to their company and others on the road.


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