MS Learner’s Permits

When you reach the MS legal age for your learner’s permit, there really is nothing more important. Getting behind the wheel becomes your main life goal, and you are looking everywhere for the perfect vehicle to get you around.

Your MS learner’s permit is only obtained through the proper steps and submission of the appropriate forms, certification, and documentation, and the qualifications that are set forth by the state to represent your understanding of driving and what it takes to be a licensed driver.

MISSISSIPPI Learning Permit

When you reach the age to finally get your learning permit, you will follow these steps to get your permit in your hands so you can set forth on your next journey towards your standard unrestricted driver’s license.

1.    Study your driver’s handbook and take the offered practice tests to be sure you are ready for testing to get your permit.

2.    Submit health form provided by the DMV to certify you meet health standards for eligibility to drive.

3.    Submit parent/guardian approval form if you are under 18, which must be signed by your parent or legal guardian who must also arrive with you to the DMV to get your permit.

4.    Schedule written exam if possible – if you can’t schedule an appointment for this test, make sure you contact the DMV to inquire on the least busy times of the day.

5.    Complete written exam which is based on the driver’s manual.

6.    Complete vision exam or provide proof of vision exam from optometrist.

7.    Receive your driving permit – which holds several restrictions but allows supervised driving with driver 21 or older.

You will be required to hold the learner’s permit for a state-required amount of time before you can apply for and receive your unrestricted driver’s license. You will also be restricted from driving during certain hours of the night, typically between 11pm and 5am. If you don’t get your driver’s license after holding the permit until it expires, you are able to receive a renewal learning permit.

Permit Replacement

If at any time you misplace your permit or it is by chance stolen, you can obtain a duplicate at the DMV. You will have to report in person and complete the appropriate form as well as pay the fees required. At that time you will be given a duplicate permit, which you can then use for studying to drive. 


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