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Missouri Vehicle Registration

4DMV.com has the information and forms you need for Missouri vehicle registration. We are your one-stop shop for all DMV-related needs.

What responsibilities are required of you to drive your vehicle legally on the roadways in Missouri? Your vehicle must be properly registered and tagged. 4DMV.com has all the information you need!

First Time Vehicle Registration in MO

First-time vehicle registration is required in the state of Missouri when:

  • Your vehicle is a new purchase, we gifted to you, or was inherited by you
  • You have just relocated to Missouri

If you have never registered a vehicle that you already own, you will still need to complete the first-time vehicle registration process before you can drive your car on the roads.

Vehicle Registration – Insurance

Auto insurance is crucial to protect yourself and others on the roads. The state of Missouri requires each vehicle owner to carry a minimum amount of liability insurance. To find state-specific information, visit 4DMV.com’s Insurance Section, where you not only get the information you need, but can also request free insurance quotes.

Getting Your Vehicle Registration Paperwork Together

Each vehicle owner that does not purchase their vehicle from a dealer will need to perform its vehicle registration themselves.

To register your vehicle, the following paperwork is necessary:

If you live in Jefferson, Franklin, St. Charles, or St. Louis County, you will also be required to submit an emissions inspection certificate.

Calculate Missouri Vehicle Registration Fees

Your vehicle registration fees will be based on the weight and horsepower of your vehicle.

A sales tax and a local sales tax of 4.225% will be based on your vehicle’s purchase price. The state of Missouri will also require various other vehicle registration fees.

MO License Plates

The state of Missouri offers all vehicle owners the option to purchase custom plates. For more information on the various types of license plates offered by Missouri State, visit 4DMV.com’s License Plates section.

You will receive two new plates and tags, or you can transfer your old plates to your new vehicle.

Get a Vehicle Registration Tax Deduction

Taxpayers can receive a vehicle registration tax deduction based on the value of their vehicle. Your registration receipt will show the amount.

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