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If you are a service member of the military holding a valid MI driver’s license, you may be interested to know that there are special driver services for drivers in the military. These services take into consideration your duties to the country and the fact that you are often sent away from home to perform these duties. While only offered to those military drivers that qualify for the services from the DMV, if you do qualify, your dependents and family living with you may also be offered the same conveniences you enjoy.

  • Military license renewal
  • Military registration renewal
  • Military license replacement
  • Military registration replacement

With all initial, first-time services, military drivers must report to the DMV in person within the county they are getting licensed or registered within – however, with the regular updating of these documents, it can be difficult to make it to the DMV before due dates, so you can get the accommodations that you need in most cases.

There isn’t a special license that indicates you are a military licensed driver, however, with the appropriate documentation, you can take advantage of all the special services offered, ensuring that you aren’t ever penalized because you couldn’t make it to the DMV in time due to deployment and out of state stationing.

When you leave the military or return from out-of-state stationing or deployment, you will be required to follow all the same rules as all other drivers, so be sure that you understand what rules and services for military drivers pertain to you.

Active Service Driver’s License Renewal

If your license renewal date arrives while you are on active duty, you should consider the MI DMV online license renewal options, which are offered to all drivers regardless of military affiliation. At the same time, you could qualify as a military driver for services by mail or even an extension in your service due date to ensure that you aren’t tied into any penalties while you were away from home on active duty.

  1. Receive license renewal notice at least 3 months before the due date.
  2. Mail your forms or check your online options paying fees at same time.
  3. Receive a renewal card or temporary MI license finishing the renewal process when you return home.

Military Driver Registration Renewal

If you happen to be deployed or will be deployed when your vehicle’s registration is due, you can check with the MICHIGAN DMV or 4DMV.com to determine what options are open for your registration renewal by mail or online. If there are no services offered, you may be able to complete registration renewal when you return without having any penalties. Be sure that you keep the documentation necessary to prove that you were stationed outside of the state or on active deployment at the time your registration renewal was due.

The services offered to military personnel drivers and their families to ensure that they are able to maintain their important driving documents even when they aren’t able to access the DMV in-state. These services are only offered to those that can prove out-of-state stationing and deployment abroad, and are offered for the length of their military service.


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