MI Disabled

Special needs drivers include those with disabilities or medical reasons for an inability to obtain a level of mobility that the average person can. Whether you are a veteran or have mobility issues from birth or illness, there are special accommodations made to ensure you are as mobile as you should be.

These accommodations include closer parking places and more convenient accommodations in public areas to ensure there aren’t further mobility issues caused by parking arrangements. The trouble here is that there are those out there that attempt to abuse these accommodations, often utilizing parking permits and placards without permission, as well as stealing these placards and permits, as well as plates.

Requirements for MICHIGAN Disability Privileges

There are different forms of disability driver items:

  • Disability parking placard attached within the vehicle, typically from the rear view mirror or the side area in the front or rear of the vehicle within the inner areas.
  • Disability parking permit utilized as a driver’s license, featuring a photo and personal information for identification.
  • Disability license plates attached to the rear of the vehicle and serve as vehicle license plate.

Each of these items should be guarded well and should never be given to someone else or used by any individual if the disabled driver is not present within the vehicle. Contact the MI DMV or visit the website to determine just what requirements for your operation or non-operation of the vehicle when disability placards, permits, or plates are in use.

There are several different qualifications for disability driver status within MICHIGAN:

  • Legally blind with certification from licensed physician.
  • Unable to utilize complete use of arms and/or legs.
  • Unable to walk a distance over 200 or more feet without having to stop or needing rest or aid.
  • Unable to walk without the assistance of some type of walking device such as crutches, a cane, or others including a wheelchair or brace.
  • Severely limited caused by lung disease.
  • Require the need of portable oxygen during all times.
  • Afflicted by severe cardiac condition.
  • Unable to walk without disruption or pain due to some sort of serious cardiologic issues.
  • Unable to leave the direct care of someone whether or not the other person is also disabled.

In most cases, MICHIGAN veteran disabled drivers are required to provide some sort of documentation to prove afflictions, illnesses, disease, or complications in mobility or the cause thereof.

Disability Tags and Placards

The MI disability placard is only temporary documentation for disability driver status, while your plates are permanent documentation that prove you have been granted the disability driver accommodations. If you are visiting MI or if you are only disabled for a temporary time, you can obtain the placard at the MICHIGAN driver’s licensing office. If you have a permanent disability and are a permanent resident, it is a good idea and much more convenient to obtain the disability license plates.


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