Louisiana DMV Driving Records

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Louisiana DMV driving records are a detailed history of the driver behind the wheel. These DMV records portray a driver’s history in the whole of the U.S., listing any violation or infraction that a driver has incurred over a specific amount of time.

What Louisiana DMV Records Include

Drivers in Louisiana may be surprised to discover how detailed their DMV records are. Generally, DMV driving records include:

  • Driving incidents and auto accidents
  • Vehicles titled
  • Traffic violations and offenses
  • Departmental actions against the driver
  • Cancellations, revocations, and suspensions
  • Traffic court cases involving the driver

A DMV record also includes your current and past driving status. DMV driving records will inform you as to whether your license is valid or if it is expired, suspended, revoked or cancelled. DMV records are a valuable source of information, and you should check your record to ensure that there are no surprises, such as unpaid tickets or violations, that you have not addressed.

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Find LA DMV Records

The Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles works on a point system. What this means, is that for each traffic ticket or accident, you will receive points against your record. The accumulation of too many points may result in the suspension or revocation of your driver’s license. Checking your DMV driving records is a great means to ensure that there are not marks in error, or points that you could clean up and clear off your DMV record.

DMV records are important for individuals that are applying for employment, as there will be no surprises at the interview, should the employer have a copy of your DMV record. DMV driving records are also reviewed by insurance companies, and it is not a bad idea to obtain a copy of your DMV record prior to applying for insurance, as there may be marks that you can clean up, which might mean a reduction in your insurance costs.

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