Kentucky DMV Driving Records

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Why Obtain a Copy of Your Kentucky DMV Driving Record?

There are various reasons you may have to obtain a copy of your DMV records. One of the most popular reasons is to check on DMV driving records prior to seeking employment. Other popular reasons include:

  • Check the status of your driver’s license
  • Check on auto accidents you have been involved in
  • Check on tickets and violations
  • Check how many points you have accumulated
  • Check to ensure there are no errors recorded
  • Check your record prior to applying for auto insurance
  • Check to see if there are points that can be eliminated through traffic school

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How Do Kentucky DMV Records Work?

Kentucky DMV driving records are a history of your driving offenses and maintained by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Each driver that is found guilty of a traffic ticket or violation will have the offense recorded on their DMV record. The DMV works with a point system, to allot the various offenses a point value. These point values are also recorded on your DMV record, and alert Kentucky State how well you abide by the road rules and laws. When a driver accumulates too many points, they will have their driver’s license suspended.

What Kentucky DMV Driving Records Show You

DMV records will show a history of:

  • Driver’s license suspensions
  • Driver’s license revocations
  • Driver’s license cancellations
  • Traffic tickets, violations, and fines
  • Points accumulated against your driver’s license
  • Driver’s license classification and endorsements

You can obtain your DMV records by visiting your local DMV office. However, you will be required to pay the processing fee, and depending on your office, you may have the DMV records mailed to you. Look up your local DMV’s Locations and Hours online!

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