Employee Kentucky DMV Driving Records

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In Kentucky State, employers have the option to obtain employee driving records.  These records are important documentation that allows employers to make informed decisions as to the ability of a driver they may hire or have employed.  In Kentucky State, these records are maintained by the Department of Motor Vehicles.  If an individual’s driving record is clean, this shows that the driver respects the road rules and laws, and follows direction. 

H2:  How Do Kentucky DMV Driving Records Work?

A Kentucky DMV record is a record that provides the driving history of an individual.  Each time a Kentucky driver is commits a driving offense and is found guilty, marks will be place on their driving record.  The DMV driving records are a means for the state to track and monitor the safety of a driver.  If the driver accumulates too many points, then the driver will have their license suspended or revoked.  Employers are alerted to everything from a minor parking ticket to major offenses that the driver has been found guilty of.

H2:  What Shows on Kentucky DMV Driving Records?

Kentucky DMV records show a history of driving violations the driver has been found guilty of and the points that have accumulated against their driving record.  These records can be obtained for a specific length of time, such as, three or seven years. 

Kentucky employers will find information such as the following on DMV records:

  • Whether an individual’s driver’s license has ever been suspended or revoked
  • Any DUIs / DWIs
  • Auto accidents the driver has been involved in
  • Convictions
  • Driving offenses they have been cited for
  • Departmental actions

Employers that receive a clean record on an individual have the knowledge that the individual is responsible and follows road rules and laws. 

 H2:  How Do I Obtain Kentucky Employee DMV Driving Records?

DMV records can be obtained through your local Department of Motor Vehicles, or they can be obtained online.  Obviously, online is the quickest route to the DMV driving records, which is why 4DMV.com has partnered with 4SafeDrivers.com4SafeDrivers.com  is a trusted source of DMV records and provides 4DMV.com users instant access to individuals DMV records. DMV driving records through 4SafeDrivers.com  are accurate and affordable and employers have the option to set up an account for future use and savings.

Should you choose to obtain the records through the State DMV, you will need to visit your local office and DMV may have a wait time of up to two weeks for the records to be mailed to you.It is crucial that employers have the information they need, and Kentucky State allows employers to obtain driving records of potential and current employers to help keep the roadways and your company safe.


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