Indiana DMV Driving Records

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Indiana drivers have a responsibility to know the status of their driverís license. It is easy for a driver to be driving around town on a suspended license. This happens by not receiving notification from your DMV that your driving privileges have been suspended. There are other reasons to obtain DMV driving records as well Ė learn them here at

Why Indiana DMV Records are Important

Many individuals order DMV records to check the status of their driverís licenses and to become informed of the tickets, violations and marks they have accumulated. You can view your DMV driving records to ensure that these tickets, violations and marks are accurate. For drivers that have received their first ticket, or have an accumulation of tickets and may be getting close to their driverís license being suspended or revoked, the state of Indiana may allow them to complete a traffic school and erase the ticket and its marks. For more information on Indiana traffic schools, visit 4DMV.comís Traffic School section.

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What Your Indiana DMV Record Contains

You will be provided with a great deal of information from your DMV record, which includes:

  • Tickets, violations, points and dates and expirations
  • Auto collisions
  • Driverís license revocations, cancelations, and suspensions
  • Driverís license classification and endorsements
  • Departmental actions

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