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 Illinois Suspended License

When you find that your driving privileges have been suspended it is vital that you obtain the proper information to know how to correctly go about repair the situation.  It is always a good idea to obtain a copy of your driving report to ensure that your driver’s license is in good standing.  Your driver’s record will detail points against your record and information on accidents that you have been involved in as well.

Check Your Illinois Driving Record

When you are checking the status of your Illinois driving record you will have several different options when ordering your Illinois driving report which include:

Ordering Your Illinois Driving Record Online

Ordering your Illinois driving record online is the quickest way to receive the official information you need.  For more information on how to obtain your driving record online visit 4DMV.com’s Driving Records section.

Ordering Your Illinois Driving Record Through The Mail

To order your Illinois driving record through the mail you will need to do the following:

Prepare a written request and be sure to include your full name, date of birth and your driver’s license number

Include the appropriate fee of $12 able in the form of check or money order

Mail the request and the process payment to the:

  • Secretary of State
  • Abstract Unit
  • 2701 S. Dirksen Pkwy.
  • Springfield, IL  62723

What Happens When Your Driving Privileges Are Suspended?

When you driving privileges are suspended in Illinois the suspension is filed in a database that is known as the National Driver Register which each and every state in the US uses.  The reason for this is so that drivers are not allowed to obtain a driver’s license should they apply outside of or move outside of Illinois. 

Penalties for Driving While Your License Is Suspended

When you are caught driving on a suspended license you will be penalized greatly.  The least you will be convicted of is a Class A suspension which is considered a misdemeanor and the fine may be up to $2,500 and a sentence of up to 364 days in jail.  If you’re your offense is more serious, you may be charged with a felony.  When you face felony charge you can be fined up to $25,000 and a prison term that may last up to seven years. 

For more information regarding penalties contact the Secretary of State at 800-252-8980.

When To Contact An Attorney

If your driving privileges have been suspended and you are caught driving it is highly advisable to contact an attorney immediately.  It is important to have the knowledge to protect your rights and often times a professional to act on your behalf.

Obtain a Restricted License

When your driving privileges have been suspended you may be eligible for a Restricted Driving Privileges license.  This is for driver’s that have had their license

To determine if you e eligible for suspended and will allow them to drive to and from work or school.  There may also be driving privilege granted when the relative needs transportation to and from medical appointments. 

To determine if you are eligible for a Restricted Driving Privilege License contact the Secretary of State office to speak with an informal hearing officer. 

Reinstating Your Illinois Driver’s License

When you are requesting hearings or reinstating your suspended Illinois license there are many administrative forms which you will need to complete which include:

  • Road to Reinstatement:  Restoring Your Driving Privileges:  This publication from the state of Illinois outlines how to get your license back after your driving privileges have been suspended or revoked.
  • Illinois Traffic Offenses:  The Illinois Traffic Offenses is a list of the points that you do not want to obtain on your driving record.
  • Formal Hearing Request Form:  This form will need to be completed if you are an Illinois driver who has an offense of multiple DUIs or a accident involving a fatality and is used to request a hearing to contest the suspension or to request restricted driving privileges.
  • Driver Services Reinstatement Locations: To find out when you are eligible and to reinstate your driving privileges and where to go as well as what forms are required of you and acceptable forms of payment.

Reinstatement Fees

There is no doubt that losing your license is costly.  In fact the cost to reinstate your license is as follows:

  • DUI

              First suspension:  $250

              Second or subsequent suspension:  $500

             First revocation:  $500

  • Zero Tolerance suspension:  $250
  • Second or subsequent revocation:  $500
  • Tollway suspension:  $70
  • Safety Responsibility suspension (uninsured crash):  $70
  • Other suspension (with the exception of a Statutory Summary Suspension:  $70
  • Family Responsibility suspension:  $70
  • Failure to Appear suspension:  $70
  • Second or subsequent Statutory Summary Suspension:  $500
  • First Statutory Summary Suspension:  $500
  • First Statutory Summary Suspension:  $250
  • Any other revocation:  $500

These fees do not include the fess that will be charged for your new license.

Keep Your Record Clean and Your Driver’s License Safe

Knowing how certain offenses will affect your driving privileges is often a great way to make sure you do not get in these situations. 

DUI:  When you are convicted of a DUI in Illinois your license will be suspended for 12 months or longer.

Drinking while under the age limit:  If you are under the legal age to drink- which is 21 years of age and are caught driving and convicted of driving under the influence, you will lose your driving privileges until you are 21.

Failure to appear.  If you have been requested to appear in court and fail, your driving privileges may be suspended.

Parking suspension.   If you receive ten or more parking tickets that you have failed to pay, your driving privileges may be suspended.

Tollway Violations or Evasions.  If you fail to pay fines for five or more tollway evasions or violations you may have your driving privileges suspended.

Failure to pay child support.  The Family Financial Responsibility Act is designed to ensure that the absent parent pay child support.  This Act is enforced by the Secretary of State who can suspend your driving privileges if your license is suspended.

Failure to yield to an emergency vehicle.  If you fail to yield to an emergency vehicle in route that has its lights on, you may have your driving privileges suspended.


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