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Identity theft is a serious matter and one that must be handled properly. There are early signs that will alert you as to whether you may be a victim of identity theft which include:

  • Not receiving your bills when they are scheduled to arrive
  • Notifications that you have applied for credit cards which you did not apply for
  • You begin to receive notifications or calls regarding purchases that you did not make

When you are a victim of identity fraud, it is a trying time, which is why 4DMV.com has compiled all the information you need to know, helping to ensure that you are in the best hands.

What to do if your Identity is stolen

There are specific steps that must be taken which are recommended by the Federal Trade Commission, which include:

  1.  Contact Equifax, TransUnion, or Experian which are the three major credit reporting agencies to alert them of the identity theft and to place a fraud alert on credit reports associated with your Social Security number
  2. Close all accounts that have been tampered with or fraudulently opened in your name closed
  3. File an official complaint with the Federal Trade Commission
  4. File a report with your local police department and / or the police department in which the theft occurred

By placing a fraud alert on your credit reports you are helping to protect yourself from further damage occurring.  To place a fraud alert contact one of the three major credit reporting at:

If you suspect you are a victim of identity theft then carefully check your credit report.  Look for:

  • Inquiries from companies that you have not contacted
  • Any accounts that have been opened fraudulently
  • Debts on your accounts that are not from purchases which you have made
  • That all your personal information such as your phone number and address are correct

Correct the Once you have corrected your credit report, then you will need to submit an Identity Theft Report which is explained below.

To close a fraudulent account, you will need to contact the fraud department of each company that an account was opened with.  You will also want to follow up in writing and to include important documents that support your case.  Make certain that all mail correspondence is sent via certified mail. 

When you speak with the company, ask them to send or fax all specific forms which they use to dispute fraudulent charges.

Complaints can be filed with the FTC by phone at:

  • 1-877-ID-THEFT

Or you can file the complaint by mail at:

  • Identity Theft Clearinghouse
  • Federal Trade Commission
  • 600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
  • Washington, D.C. 20580

Once you have completed the report the FTC will send you an Identity Theft Complaint form which can be found at FTC Consumer Complaint Form

When filing your police report, make certain to file the export I person. And have your FTC ID Theft Complaint form with you,

Also, provide the following cover letter which can found at Memorandum

Also, have all documents that support your case.

Once your report has been filed, ask the officer for a copy of the report.

Identity Theft Reports

An Identity Theft Report is crucial to file and is a detailed police report regarding the crime.  This is your protection with the credit reporting agencies and all businesses that are involved in your claim.  If tour police department does not use the Federal Trade Commission ID Theft Complaint Form the police report alone will serve as the Identity Theft Report.

Once you have filed your report then you must:

  • Send a copy of the report
  • Send your cover letter
  • Send all documentation supporting your case

To the fraud departments of the three major credit reporting agencies which are:

By doing so you will block and prevent fraudulent accounts from being opened and will help protect you from debt and collections due to fraudulent accounts being opened.

Identity Theft and the DMV

When you are a victim of identity theft, it is also possible that your name or Social Security number are being used in to obtain a state ID card or driver’s license. 

4DMV.com recommends that you contact the state Department of Motor Vehicles and alert them that you have been a victim of identity theft.

For more information on identity theft, the Federal Trade Commission offers an informative video that can be found at Detect Identity Theft

Preventing Yourself From Being a Victim of Identity Theft

4DMV.com and the Federal Trade Commission bring you these helpful tips to prevent identity theft which are:

  • Take the FTC’s interactive quiz which can be found at Video and Media.
  • Protect your Social Security Number at all times.  Don’t willing to give out your number without knowing exactly who they are and why they need it.
  • Keep your SS card in a protected place
  • Tear up all papers and statements that have your personal information on them prior to throwing them away.  This includes receipts, physician statements and so on.
  • Safegaurd your personal information when using the Internet
  • Always combine letters and numbers to create your passwords for your various accounts.

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