Illinois Replacing Your Vehicle Registration

If you have lost, damaged or had your vehicle’s registration stolen, do not panic.  Replacing your vehicle registration is not a difficult process with 4DMV.com to guiding you step by step on how to renew your vehicle‘s registration.

Replacing Your Vehicle Registration

In order to replace your vehicle registration you will need to fill out a Form VSD-190 titled Application for Vehicle Transaction which is available through your local Secretary of State location or you can obtain the form through the mail.  By completing the form you will be able to replace your registration identification card, your vehicle‘s registration sticker/tag or your license plate or plates.


The applicable fees to replace your lost, damaged or stolen vehicle registration and other documents will be:

  • Registration identification card:  $3
  • Registration sticker:  $0
  • Both your front and back plate:  $9
  • One license plate:  $6

To obtain an Application for Vehicle Transaction from the Secretary of State office through the mail you must request the form via mail or by calling:

  • Statewide: (800) 252-8980
  • Springfield: (217) 782-6306
  • Chicago: (312) 793-1010

Replacing Your Registration By Mail

Once you have receive and completed your application you can then take it to your local SOS office or complete the process through the mail by sending the application with the applicable fees to:

  • Secretary of State
  • Vehicle Services Department
  • 501 South 2nd Street, Room 011
  • Springfield, IL 62756-6666

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