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Illinois Vehicle Code

The traffic laws set forth in Illinois State are for all drivers that utilize the roadways and highways. Where can you find these laws? The Illinois Vehicle Code is the source that has each of the traffic and road laws compiled so that you can obtain the information that you require regarding vehicle equipment and registration in Illinois State. You will find information about methods for safe driving, driver’s licensing and even financial responsibility/auto insurance, drivers under 18, the auto industry and much more. If you are a driver in Illinois State, and have received a traffic ticket you can find the infraction within the Illinois Vehicle Code to better help you to understand the law that you violated, and how to further handle it. Or, you can use it for basic safety and traffic law information. Visit for a copy of the IL State Vehicle Code.

Here, you will find easy online access that will connect you with the information you need to know. Sample Information from the IL State Vehicle Code

If you are wondering what you can expect from the IL State Vehicle Code, you can expect information such as the following:

• GTSC Program Areas

• Rules of the Road

Check Your IL State Driver Status

If you are not certain as to whether you have accumulated too many license points, or have had your IL State driver’s license suspended, the Vehicle Code is not the only source of help. You can also obtain your driving record online or from the IL DMV to ensure that you are a legal driver within IL State.


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