Check Illinois Employee DMV Driving Records

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Illinois employers donít have to rely on the word of an individual as to how safe their driving is, as employers have the option to order employee DMV driving records. These records are valuable documentation that allow the employer to gauge how safe a driver may be behind the wheel of a company vehicle.

The state of Illinois maintains DMV records for all registered drivers in the state. These records are available to Illinois employers and are maintained through the Department of Motor Vehicles.

How Do DMV Driving Records Work?

DMV records are a history of all citations and violations that a driver has been convicted of over a specific period of time. These records account for all fender benders or major accidents the driver has been involved in, tickets they have received, DUIs or DWIs, points the driver has received on his/her license, and whether his/her license was suspended or revoked.

What Do Illinois DMV Driving Records Show?

Illinois DMV records show a history of offenses the driver has been committed of over a specific period of time. DMV driving records are a means for the state to track and monitor their drivers. When a driver accumulates too many marks against their record, his/her driverís license will be suspended or revoked.

Illinois DMV driving records show:

  • Driverís license suspension or revocation
  • Any DUIs / DWIs
  • Auto accidents the driver has been involved in
  • Convictions
  • Driving offenses they have been cited for
  • Departmental actions

How Do I Obtain Illinois Employee DMV Driving Records?

Employers have the option to obtain DMV records in one of two ways. The Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles offers these records upon request. However, this process can be lengthy, as an employer may have to wait to have the records mailed.

4SafeDrivers, 4DMV.comís trusted sponsor, provides employers with instant access to DMV driving records so they do not have to wait to receive crucial information. 4SafeDrivers is a reputable company with years of experience with DMV records. The company provides instant access to DMV records that are accurate and affordable, providing employers with the option to set up accounts for future use and savings.

Illinois employers who do not want to run the risk of a hazardous driver behind the wheel of their company vehicle can obtain an individualís DMV records through the Department of Motor Vehicles or online at 4SafeDrivers.

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