Illinois DMV Hours and Locations

Get the proper information regarding Illinois DMV hours and locations and don’t make a wasted trip to DMV. 4DMV.com has everything you need to know. Knowing the proper information, such as the nearest Secretary of State office and its DMV hours of operation, can save you a tremendous amount of time. 4DMV.com realizes the need for quick and accurate information, which is why we have compiled this easy-to-find list of locations of DMV offices and contacts.


In Illinois drivers who are taking their road exams to obtain their passenger driver’s license are not allowed to preschedule the test. However, if you are an Illinois Commercial Driver, you can schedule to take the road exam during the DMV hours of operation by dialing:

For West Chicago, Elk Grove and South Holland

  • 630-293-1191

For all other areas:

  • 217-785-3013

If you happen to own a salvage vehicle and need to have it inspected, you will need to find their hours of operation and to schedule an appointment with one of the four inspection stations which offer this service.

To find a list of inspection locations of DMV offices visit: Secretary Of State Police County Locations

If you are transporting minor children, and would like to have your safety seat fitted for your vehicle you can make an appointment at one of the fitting locations of DMV offices by visiting: Keep Me in a Safe Seat

You can also call the Secretary of State Locations of DMV Offices during normal DMV hours of operation at:

  • 866-247-0213

For matters concerning:

  • Driver’s licenses
  • Vehicle registrations
  • Titles
  • State ID cards
  • License plates

Visit the Secretary of State Office Locations

You will be directed to over 130 locations of DMV offices to handle your various driving needs.

At the Secretary of State Driver Services locations of DMV offices you can also:

  • Register to become an Illinois voter
  • Register to become and Illinois organ donor
  • A copy of your driving report
  • Update any documentation such as your driver’s license

Having the locations of DMV offices and the DMV hours of operation as well as being able to preschedule appointments ensure that you do not waste time in line, or make an unnecessary trip.

Hearing Officer Locations

For a restricted driver’s license that will allow you to drive to and from work, you can contact an Administrative Hearing Officer.

The officer will then review your case and determine whether you are eligible.

Other Related Agency Information

Vehicle Emissions Testing Stations

Vehicle emissions testing stations can be found by visiting Test Station Locations of DMV offices.

Secretary of State Contact Information

Secretary of State Headquarters

Jesse White
213 State Capitol
Springfield, IL 62756

Information line:

  • (800) 252-8980 (live help 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. plus 24-hour automated information)

Secretary of State Offices Phone Numbers

TDD / TTY: Numbers (These numbers are for all those that are deaf or hard of hearing)

  • Vehicles: 1-888 261-7864
  • Driver Services: 1-888 261-5238
  • Driver / Seniors: 1-888 261-5280
  • Court of Claims: 1-888 261-7863
  • Personnel: 1-888 261-5112
  • Library: 1-888 261-7861

1-888 965-0748 (Reference Desk)

Dial 800-252-8980 if:

  • You need information on how to complete tax forms or have tax related questions
  • Matters concerning your vehicle title, vehicle registration or emissions compliance
  • Matters concerning persons with disabilities and certification for plates or parking placard
  • Matters involving special license plates
  • Matters involving your Illinois driver’s license or driving privileges
  • Matters involving the state regulated liability insurance which must be carried on your vehicle

The DMV hours of operation will vary depending on the locations of DMV offices. Also, expect different hours of operation during holidays.

You may not need to visit your local DMV office in person for certain services, such as obtaining your driving record.


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