• Replace Lost Title

IA Replace Lost Title

When you are sold or given a vehicle, you are also given the vehicle’s title certificate, which will show that you and whomever else owns the vehicle and has full title rights to the vehicle. These rights include:

  • To operate the vehicle as your own. 
  • To register the vehicle as your own.
  • To obtain insurance coverage over the vehicle.
  • To sell the vehicle, donate to a charity, or gift to a qualified individual.

This being said, if you don’t have the title to the vehicle, it becomes quite an issue that will affect your ability to do these things in Iowa.

If by any chance your vehicle title comes up missing for any reason, you want to get a duplicate title immediately so that you aren’t affected by the loss. This means that you will have to visit the DMV with proof that the vehicle belongs to you before you are able to receive a replacement title that will allow you to do all these things again.

Of course, if you aren’t seeking immediate services for your vehicle in which you must prove ownership, aren’t planning on selling the vehicle, and have no pertinent use for the title at the moment, you don’t have to get a replacement, as you will still be able to drive it as long as it is registered and insured. However, you just never know when the time will come that proving you are the owner is needed and you would hate to run around town at the last minute trying to get a title replacement or duplicate.

You may be able to get the title replacement application online, but you have to be sure that Adobe Reader is installed in your PC that way you can view and print the form. If you cannot get the form online, it can be obtained in person by visiting the DMV office or you could even request a copy from the DMV by mail.

Once you get the form, complete it with the necessary information, submitting to the DMV in person or by mail if possible. The address to mail the form will be found on the form if it is a possible option, and you will find other instructions for completion also on the form.

1.   Download or obtain the form from the DMV.

2.   Read all directions to ensure that the form is completed accurately.

3.   Submit the fees in cash, check or money order if in-person or by check or money order by mail.

4.   Submit the form according to the instructions and options provided by the DMV.

5.   Receive your replacement title certificate by mail.

If you think that someone has stolen the title, the police should be notified immediately so appropriate action can be taken and the appropriate report can be filed. You will need to submit any reports you file with the application for title replacement.


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