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Georgia Bill of Sale

4DMV.com can help you find the forms you need to obtain a Georgia motor vehicle bill of sale – saving you time and energy at the DMV.

The purchase or sale of a vehicle includes many documents that must be completed to legally transfer ownership of the vehicle. In the state of Georgia, you are required to obtain a bill of sale in order to release the seller from vehicle responsible and to allow the buyer to transfer/register the vehicle.

We understand that the process may be confusing - 4DMV.com can provide you with all the information necessary to help you determine what you require in regard to your Georgia DMV bill of sale.

What is a GA Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale?

A motor vehicle bill of sale is the legal documentation of the transfer of vehicle ownership. Whether you are the buyer or seller, a bill of sale is required during this process. Typically, the seller should have and is required to complete the DMV bill of sale; however, the buyer can also bring this document to the transaction if desired. Under GA law, the seller is mandated to complete the form. If the seller refuses to complete the form, the buyer should walk away from the sale.

A bill of sale provides pertinent information of the transaction and is documented proof that the transaction took place. Should the buyer be involved in an auto accident on the way from the sale, the seller has the required proof that he/she is not responsible for the vehicle. Additionally, a motor vehicle bill of sale provides the buyer with proof of ownership.

What Particulars Must a DMV Bill of Sale Include?

Whether the form is an official Georgia DMV bill of sale generic document found via third parties, the document must contain the following information:

  • Name and address of vehicle owner/seller - P.O. boxes will not be accepted.
  • Complete description of the vehicle, which includes the year, make, model, body type, vehicle identification number and series number.
  • Date of the transaction.
  • Vehicle odometer reading.
  • Name of lien holder created to purchase the vehicle and date, if applicable.
  • Name and address of buyer - P.O. boxes will not be accepted.
  • Signature of both the buyer and the seller.

Where to Get a Georgia Bill of Sale

To obtain a bill of sale form in Georgia, there are numerous options:

Who Should Complete the GA Bill of Sale?

In Georgia, the bill of sale should be completed by the seller. The buyer will be responsible for signing the form. Each buyer and seller will receive a copy, which serves as proof of the transaction and is necessary for the transfer and registration of the vehicle.

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