4DMV.com provides you with fast, reliable Florida DMV driving records Ė in minutes! Florida drivers have the privilege of obtaining their DMV records, through the Florida DPS or they can be ordered online are detailed reports showing drivers all the errors that are on their driving record. DMV driving records are also referred to as an MVR report. DMV records or MVR reports are used for many different purposes. The history can be used by employers to gauge the credibility and responsibility of a potential driver; they are used by insurance companies to determine the risk of the policy holder and to calculate rates offered to the policy holder, they are used by the DMV when assessing tickets and violations and to determine if the individualís driverís license should be suspended.

Certified Vs. Online Florida DMV Driving Records

Florida drivers, employers and potential employers all have access to DMV driving records. Driving records are public records and can be obtained through the DMV and will include a driverís driving history for the past seven years. To obtain DMV records through the Florida DMV you will have to follow the proper steps and pay the applicable fees.

Ordering DMV records online is likely the most convenient means to order the records and can be done right here on 4DMV.com through one of our many sponsors such as www.4SafeDrivers.com. The advantage of ordering DMV driving records online is that you will have immediate access to the reports.

Order Your Own Driver Abstract Through The Fl DHSMV

There are three different driver abstracts that that FL DHSMV offers: A three year, seven year or complete driving history. Each can be obtained through the FL DHSMV by submitting your full name, birth date and Social Security number and your Florida driversí license number (if available) along with the appropriate fees to one of the following state offices:

  • The Court Clerkís office offering driving record services
  • The Tax Collector offering DL services
  • The Florida Driver License office

You can also order the driver abstract through the mail by completing the necessary documentation and mailing the applicable fees to:

  • Bureau of Records
  • P.O. Box 5775
  • Tallahassee, FL 32314-5775

Ordering the Driving Record Of Another Individual Through The AL DPS

In order to order the DMV records of someone other than yourself you will need to contact the Florida DHSMV at their main customer service line at (850) 617-2000.

Reasons To Order A Driver DMV Records

There are many reasons that one may wish to obtain DMV driving records. If your license is suspended you may wish to look at the status of your suspension. Or perhaps you are an auto insurance company that is reviewing a new applicant or an employer that wants to check the credibility of a potential employee. The most common reasons that drivers check the status of their DMV driving records are for:

  • To check the classification and endorsements of / on their driverís license
  • To check on auto accidents auto accidents that may be recorded on their history
  • To check on traffic tickets, violations and fines
  • To check on driverís license points that may be accumulated against their license and violations codes
  • To check on driverís license status and license suspension

How Driving Histories Affects Your Insurance Rates

Unfortunately for drivers that make driving errors, your insurance may be affected. Auto insurance providers review DMV driving records of policy holders to determine their insurance rates. DMV records show your insurance provider all traffic tickets, auto accidents, DUI or DWI convictions that you have received and allows them to measure your risk to the company. The higher the risk, the higher your insurance rate will be.

For more information about where to go to obtain your DMV records through the Florida DSHMV or where to mail or fax your request visit the Florida Government Records page.

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