Florida Replacing Registration

There are times when mishaps happen such as the loss of your vehicle’s registration or license plates. In the State of Florida it is required that your car’s registration be carried in the vehicle.  4dmv.com has researched Florida state laws and brings you accurate, up to date information for both replacing a registration and replacing your license plates and decals.


You can put the anxiety aside that you experienced when you realized you lost or damaged your registration.  There is nothing to replacing your registration!  The only requirement is to visit the country tax collector office or a license agency.  You will need to bring identification with you and the feed for replacement of the registration will be $3.

License Plates and Decals:

There are times when weather conditions and wear and tear on the vehicle has affected the plates and/or decals and they need to be replaced. This too is a simple process in the State of Florida and only requires a trip to the county tax collector office.  You will need to fill out the duplicate license plate form for this process. You will also need to bring your registration along with you.  The State of Florida does impose a fee which you will be responsible for at the time of replacement.  There is an exception to the rule however such as when you have been cited by the police to replace your plates. 

Should your plates have been stolen from your vehicle simply follow the same instructions. It will also be necessary that you report the crime to the local authority.  When you complete the form, indicate that they have the plates to the vehicle have been stolen and that you have reported the theft to  local law enforcement.


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