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FL Personalized Plates

In Florida, when you register your vehicle, you are given the opportunity to order your Florida vehicle license plate as well. One plate is attached to the rear of the vehicle, and at all times must remain visible, even lit at night or you can face fines and penalties. However, there is some fun when it comes to your license plates, with Florida personalized license plates offered as well.

Not everyone wants the same Sunshine State license plates to be displayed on their vehicle. Some drivers on the roadways rather have a tag that says more about them personally and adds that special touch to the vehicle. If you are one of these drivers, Florida specialized plates could be just for you. There are specialty interests, group interests, and social interests honored, with various different types of designs available, with a full catalog found through the License Plate Brochure offered online.

Florida Wheelchair Plates

One of the most chosen specialty plates in Florida is the wheelchair license plate, which can be obtained through your county’s tax collector office, which you can pinpoint by visiting the Florida HSMV site online. The only way you can request these plates is if you have already obtained approval for your Florida disabled parking permit. For more information, you can visit 4DMV.com’s Florida Disabled Drivers pages.

Once your new plates are issued, you will be required to surrender your old plate to the Florida DHSMV. Your new plate will still have the same expiration date, regardless of the date you obtain it. You will also have to still renew your registration for the vehicle holding the plate either annually or biennially, depending on your regular schedule.

Florida Special Interest Plates

Supporting a cause can be done right through your Florida specialty plates, offering a variety of special interests and social causes. While you can wait for your license replacement at the five year mark to get switch from standard to personalized Florida plates, you can always do it at renewal time for an additional $10, in addition to any fees for your specialty plates, whether you are supporting the cause to save the manatees or showing your pride in the other programs in Florida.

For a complete list of the Specialty Licence Plates Index offered in Florida, you can visit the Florida website, which also shows you a picture to view and the price for the plates so you make the choice that you really want.

Florida Antique Vehicle Plates

In order to be eligible for the antique plates offered in the state of Florida, your vehicle must be 30 years or more, at which time it will reach antique Florida plate status.

You must bring your vehicle’s registration to county tax collector office in your county to receive your antique FL license plates.

Florida Personalized Plates

Anyone can say something special through their Florida plates, with personalized license plates offered for an additional fee. There is a full catalog of plates offered in the state right online for you to choose from, which you can view by visiting Proposed Personalized Plate. Although this is a personalized plate, you must ensure that the characters you want are able to be applied in the pattern you wish. No obscenities or derogatory remarks are permitted, and you must complete the application submitting to the county tax collector in your area.

The application is offered online for no cost to print and complete at home at Application for Personalized Licence Plate. When your application is submitted, it is then reviewed to ensure that there are no unacceptable words or characters.

Once your application is accepted, you can get your plate at the same office you applied through about 45 days later. Your old plates must be surrendered and there will be a cost of $12 each year you hold these plates, which is in additional to all other license renewal and other fees associated.

Fees for Your Plates

To find out how much your plates will cost, each catalog will show you the price, with the original fees you incur each year also added in. To view a list of license plate fees in Florida, visit Driver Licence Fees.

Plate Expiration

Every 6 years you must renew your license plates, but registration must still be renewed as usual. Be sure to visit the office you received your plates from initially to renew your plates in person.

Where Do the Old Plates Go?

You don’t want to just throw your old plates away as that is dangerous to your personal identity and driving record, as these plates can be stolen and used by others. Instead, send your plates to the following address, requesting cancellation and recycling:

            Division of Motor Vehicles
            Neil Kirkman Building
            Mail Stop 63
            Tallahassee, FL 32399-0500

You could also bring your plates to the county tax collector office near you to complete the request for cancellation.


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