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Florida:  License Plates and Placards

If you are applying for plates for the first time, welcome to the highway!  4dmv.com has taken the time to have their expert researcher compile all the information you need regarding license plates and place cards.  When you are applying for plates, you have many choices such personalized license plates, which are always a nice way to make a statement on the road, for those that enjoy vintage, there are antique plates, for all drivers that are supporting a cause they might be interested license plates for a cause, and for handicapped drivers there are special wheelchair license plates.  And, of course, there are the plain and simple standard license plates issued by the State of Florida.

As a resident of Florida then you are aware of the great spirit expressed through driver’s license plates.  More and more driver’s are taking advantage of personalized plates to make their personalized impression to other motorists on the road.  4dmv.com license plate brochure will explain the details to each of license plate choices.

Wheelchair License Plates

With technology in the automobile industry it is now possible for wheelchair driver’s to be mobile.  Wheelchair plates are the most common among specialty plates.  In order to qualify for a wheelchair license plate, you must be approved for a disabled parking permit. To apply for a wheelchair license plate simply visit your local County Tax Collector’s Office with your driver’s license and your certification for disabled parking permit. 4dmv.com has compiled a guide regarding Drivers With Disabilities to provide you with all the information about disabled parking permits.  To learn more about disabled drivers in the State of Florida please visit our Drivers With Disabilities page for more information.

The State of Florida requires you to turn in your old license plates once you receive your new one.  Your new plate will have the same expiration date as your previous plate without regard to when you purchase it.  It is still necessary to renew the registration on this plate annually or biennially.

Replacement Disability Permits and Plates

There are times you may need to replace your disable parking permit.  In order to replace your disabled parking permit simply visit your local County Tax Collector’s office and tell them the reason for replacement. 

Whether your disable parking plate has been lost, damaged or stolen your local County Tax Collector’s office will replace it for free.  Should you need the services of replacement, simply visit our Replacing a Lost Registration page for all the specific information you need.

License Plates for the Cause

One of the biggest methods of making a statement about you and your favorite cause on the highway is through Plates for the Cause.  The State of Florida has complied a complete list of Specialty Licence Plate Index.

The state’s website also lists all fees and a photo for each plate.  One thing to consider, if you have the patience, is waiting until your five year license replacement time is near.  Once your replacement time is here the you can apply for the new plates at a renewal fee of $10 and the additional fee for the cause you are supporting.

Antique Plates

The State of Florida allows vintage car owner to show their truly timeless automobiles with antique plates.  For all owners of vehicles 30 years old and older, they qualify for antique plates. Obtain antique plates, simply bring your current registration to apply in person at your local County Tax Collector’s office.

Personalized License Plates

Personalized license plates are another great way to express yourself on the highway.  The process to apply for a personalized license plate is easy as well.  However, lobefin e applying at your local County Tax Collector’s Office, you will need to check online to see if the plate you want is available.  Once your application has been accepted you can expect your new plates to arrive within 45 days.  You will be responsible for pay the cost of regular renew and $12 for the personalize plates as well as any other specialty plate fees.


Fees will vary upon factors of the vehicle such as the type of vehicle and its weight.

When Will the Plates Expire

Every six years your license plates will expire.  During this time it will be necessary to renew your vehicle registration.

Disposing of Old License Plates

There are different methods of disposing your old plates which 4dmv.com has conveniently listed for your below.  To dispose of your old plates simply:

Bring your old plates to your local County Tax Collector’s office and request cancellation of the plates

Mail the plates and a request to cancel and recycle the plates to

Division of Motor Vehicles

Neil Kirkman Building

Mail Stop 63

Tallahassee, Florida  32399-0500

Other To access other DMV related issues such as renewing your registration, title transfers or any other DMV related issue simply visit our online guides.  4dmv.com has compiled all the information you need presents it to you in the most easy to read format.  Simply search your topic and 4dmv.com will direct you to the information you need to handle your DMV matters.


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