• Vehicle Code

Florida Vehicle Code

Being a Florida driver means knowing the road rules and laws which is what the Florida Vehicle Code is all about.  The Florida Vehicle Code details important information that states your responsibilities and rights as a driver in the state of Florida.  There is a wealth of information that is provided in the Florida Vehicle Code which includes everything from insurance, accident procedures titling and licensing regulations.

The Florida Vehicle Code is included in the Florida Statutes and provides accurate and official information for vehicle owners and drivers in the state of Florida.  To access the motor vehicle section of you will need to access chapters 316 through 325 in Title XXIII.

There is a lot of information that can be found such as:

  • Laws regarding DUI and DWI
  • Traffic citation regulations
  • Safety belt usage
  • Towing requirements
  • Vehicle safety equipment requirements which include horns, brakes and lamps
  • Types of vehicles that are allowed on the public roadways
  • Rules of parking
  • Speed limits and zones
  • On road driving  laws and traffic regulations
  • Accident reporting procedure and responsibility
  • Titling procedures and fees
  • Parking violation procedures
  • Registration procedures
  • Mobile home standards and inspections

While this is only a bit of what is covered in the Florida Vehicle Code it gives you an idea of how useful the publication is.

Check Your License Status

Checking your driver status is a good idea to ensure that you are in good standing with the Florida DMV.  To do so you can obtain your Florida Driving Record Report. Your driving record report will give you all the details of any errors that my have been placed against your driver’s license such as a speeding ticket.  The report will also show you’re the amount of points you have accumulated, if any, against your driver’s license.


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