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In the State of Florida, a motorcycle endorsement is required for all motorcyclists that ride a 50 cc powered two or three wheeled motorcycle.  The endorsement is placed on the Florida’s motorcyclists regular driver’s license once the motorcyclists has successful submitted their application and paid the fee.

Eligibility Requirements For a Motorcycle Endorsement

  • All motorcyclist must be 16 years or older
  • All motorcyclists must posses no less than a regular Class E driver’s license
  • All motorcyclists must complete the Basic Rider Course

When applying for motorcycle endorsement in the State of Florida you will be administered a written exam which you will need to pass.  The exam consists of multiple choice questions that regard motorcycle laws and basic road and riding safety.  Those applying for a motorcycle endorsement will also have to pass a riding test that will be taken on their motorcycle.  The State of Florida also requires a hearing and vision test for all motorcycle endorsement applicants. 

For information regarding motorcycle laws and road safety you can obtain a Florida Motorcycle Handbook at:

Florida Motorcycle Handbook English Version

Spanish Version

For those wishing to apply for their motorcycle endorsement they can make an appointment via telephone.  To get information on locations and hours of your local office please visit our Locations & Hours section.

Motorcycle-Only License

For motorcyclists that will be driving only a motorcycle they will be required to meet the same requirements as above.  However, they will not be required to take or pass any of the auto driving requirements in the State of Florida. 

Helmet Laws

The State of Florida does not require motorcyclists to wear a helmet provided they carry a minimum limit of medical insurance of $10,000.  Should they fail to carry a medical insurance policy of $10,000 then they will need to wear a helmet.

The State of Florida does require motorcyclists to wear eye protection to ensure their safety on the road.

Mopeds and Scooters

Operating a moped or scooter in the State of Florida does not require a motorcycle endorsement provided you obtain a regular Class E drivers license or higher.  It will be necessary to register your moped or scooter with your local DMV, however.  For those transporting passengers on their motor scooter or moped that are 16 years of age and younger, protective headgear is required.

Florida Rider Training Program (FRTP)

The State of Florida requires that each motorcyclist successfully pass a basic motorcycle safety course before the state will allow you to apply, test and obtain a motorcycle endorsement or motorcycle-only license.  All applicants must complete a test that is approved by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF).

Safety education classes are required by the FRTP:

Basic Rider Course (BRC):  The Basic Rider Course educates the motorcyclists on how to safely operate a bike, safety gear required and recommended when riding a bike and laws of the road.  The course handbooks are distributed during the course.  All applicants must posses a Class E learner’s license or higher in order to sign up.  Visit to sign up for the Basic Rider Course

Temporary Instruction Permit

The State of Florida no longer administers temporary instruction permits.

Knowledge and Skills Waiver Form

The State of Florida may not require motorcyclists to test for a motorcycle license endorsement provided they are 21 years of age or older and have completed an ERC course.  Motorcyclists who meet the requirements must provide proof of course competition and their passing grade on their end of course tests to their local driver license office.

Motorcyclist who complete BRC and ERC classes also have the benefit of possibly being eligible for insurance premium discounts. 

Out of-State Newcomers

For motorcyclists relocating to the State of Florida who currently posses a motorcycle endorsement they will not be required to take additional tests in the state to legally drive their motorcycle on the roads provided you are older than the age of 21 and have successfully completed a Florida approved safety course.  If you are a motorcyclist that is older than 21 then it will be necessary to take you have the option of taking the motorcycle knowledge and skills test to obtain your motorcycle driving privileges in the State of Florida.

Military Applicants

Should you be stationed outside the State of Florida and require a motorcycle endorsement for your Florida driver’s license the following will be required:

A motorcycle safety course that is military sponsored and MSF-approved

Upon completion of the course the applicant will send proof oc completion with a fee of $15 made payable to the Division of Driver Licenses at Bureau of Records in the forma of check or money order as well as a request for a duplicate license with a motorcycle endorsement.  Each application must be sent to:

Division of Driver Licenses at Bureau of Records

P.O. Box 5775

Tallahassee, FL  32314-5775

Also required will be the applicant’s legal name, address, driver’s license number and their date of birth.  The department may also require identification documents.


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