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When handling driving related matters, the proper forms are essential.  The Florida Division of Motor Vehicles has an array of forms that can send the driver into a whirlwind trying to figure out what is the proper form for their needs.  Fortunately, that is why 4DMV.com is here.  We have compiled a list of important forms and direct you where to download them so that you are able to have the proper documentation when you handle your driving related needs.  The Florida Department of Highway and Safety Motor Vehicles is divided into three divisions, Highway Patrol, Driver Licenses, and Motor Vehicles.  You will find that most of the forms that you will need will be from the Driver Licenses and Motor Vehicles division.

Motor Vehicle Forms

For a list of common forms that relate to driving related needs such as a Bill of Sale, personalized license plates and title application visit:  Motor Vehicle Forms

.  Forms that you notice that have an asterisk mark can be completed online and then printed out to submit.  If for some reason,  you cannot find the forms you are looking for through the common forms section then visit The DMV Procedure Manual

Other Materials and Driver License Forms

Driver license forms are needed to complete needs such as changing your address, identity theft reports and eye exams.  To find the form that you are looking for visit:  Driver License Forms

.Other Materials of Interest

Besides Forms are not the only useful documents that 4DMV.com brings you.  In fact we provide you many useful informational brochures and studies that have been conducted on specific topics such as:

Buying a used car

Statistic on traffic citations

How aging affects one’s ability to drive

Facts about auto traffic accidents


Last but not least, remember to visit 4DMV.com’s section title Manuals to get all the latest manuals offered by the state of Florida.


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