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Florida Bill of Sale

Are you buying or selling a vehicle in Florida?  If you haven’t considered a Bill of Sale, it is an important document that benefits both the buyer and seller of the vehicle.  The purpose of the Bill of Sale is to have documentation that the sale took place.  The Bill of Sale form is necessary as a seller to show that you have relinquished your ownership of the vehicle.   It is also necessary to register the vehicle or transfer the title of the vehicle you have just purchased.

Florida Bill of Sale Requirements

The Bill of Sale in Florida is to be filled out and signed by the seller who will then have the buyer sign the document.  The document contains vital information that the seller must record such as:

Vehicle Buyer’s Full Name

Transaction or Sale Price, if any

Vehicle Identification Number, VIN

Vehicle Make, Model, and Year

The Bill of Sale will also need to have the date of the purchase and the odometer reading of the vehicle to be acceptable proof of the vehicle’s sale or purchase. 

1.  Visit Bill of Sale to download the form for free.

2.  Once completed by both seller and buyer, notarize the document identifying both the buyer and seller.

3.  Submit the Bill of Sale to the Florida DMV in person.

When you are the seller of a vehicle, the Bill of Sale form will provide you with the release of ownership of the vehicle and all liability to the vehicle such as any tickets received by the new owner of the vehicle, any accidents the vehicle is involved in and so on.  If you are the buyer of a vehicle the Bill of Sale will provide you with proof that you will need to complete the title transfer as well as not hold you liable for any liens, encumbrances or other liabilities of the previous owner.

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