Florida:  Traffic Schools

Florida State residents have the option of taking traffic courses to reduce or eliminate points acquired from traffic errors depending on their particular case.  The traffic school course is a four hour course and a great asset to help motorist keep their insurance premiums down and points against their record accumulating. 

What Is The Advantage Of A Driving Course?

The advantage of a driving course is to reduce or eliminate points from your record.  By taking a driving course that is just four hours you can reduce or eliminate the points on your record and your insurance rates will not be affected by the points that you would have accumulated provided that your citation was not associated with an automobile accident.  The Florida State DHSMV allows you to take course to reduce your points once a year but not more than five times during a ten year timeframe depending on your circumstances.

There are a number of Florida Driving Courses including the following courses:

Traffic courses are not just a good idea for reducing and eliminating points from your driving record, they are a good idea for all responsible drivers to stay polished on their driving skills.  No matter how seasoned a driver you are, a traffic school program insures that you have the necessary skill and knowledge as well as helps to reduce auto insurance premiums for Florida State drivers.


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