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Florida employee DMV driving records are important reports that alert an employer to the safety of a current or potential company driver. Without DMV records, an employer could potentially be putting the company at risk.

The state of Florida keeps up-to-date DMV records on all drivers registered in the state. These records are available to Florida employers upon request. Florida DMV driving records provide pertinent information, such as driving errors that the driver has made and has been cited for, convictions, collisions and departmental actions. If a driver has at-fault accidents or if his/her license has been suspended in the past, the employer will be able to access this information.

Florida employers can obtain DMV driving records online or through the local DMV office. DMV records obtained through DMV offices require that you visit in person, and there may be a wait time to receive the records, as they may be mailed to you. Employers can also obtain the DMV driving records online. 4DMV.com has partnered with 4SafeDrivers, a reputable DMV records supplier that provides these records at discounted prices. 4SafeDrivers provides Florida employers with accurate, up-to-date, DMV records within minutes. Employers also have the option to set up an account with 4SafeDrivers for future use. To obtain these records instantly, simply visit 4SafeDrivers.

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