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Florida Drivers Over 18

Florida New License

In order to be legal on the Florida State roads and highways you must first meet the requirements set by the State of Florida to apply and obtain a driver’s license.  Whether a new teen driver or a commercial truck driver, there are set requirements that each needs to follow.

The State of Florida offers:

  • Class E Licenses:  Class E licenses is the license that Florida motorists must posses should they drive a pickup truck, or passenger car
  • Commercial Driver Licenses
  • Motorcycle Licenses

First Time Driver’s Under 18

For Florida first time driver’s under the age of 18 it is necessary to obtain a Florida driver’s license / learner’s permit.  This allows you driving privileges with limitations.  For more information, please see our Florida Learner’s Permit Section. 

Moving From Another State

For residents that are new to the state and applying for a Florida State License they before being able to apply and take the required tests they will need to bring:

  • A Primary ID (Certificate of Naturalization or a valid passport)
  • Your driver’s license from your previous state or a second form of ID
  • Social Security Card

There will be an application and testing fee of $48.  Normally it is not required to take the written or road portion of the exam.

First Time Driver’s

For driver’s that have never had a license in the State of Florida or any other state, it is necessary to take Driver’s Education Course.  For more information on driver’s education courses please visit 4dmv.com’s Driver Education Course section.

Residents new to the state may also choose to take a supplemental course to familiarize themselves with the Florida traffic laws.

Non-Citizen Drivers

For non-citizens that are apply for a new driver’s license, it is necessary to provide identification, date of birth and a Social Security number if you have one.  For more information visit Obtaining Your Florida Driver License or Identification Card

Preparing for the Test

Prior to applying and taking the test, study the Florida Driver’s Handbook which can downloaded for free, just visit our section titled Florida Driver’s Handbook.  You may also choose to order some practice tests from I Drive Safely.

Locate a DMV Office

Once you have the necessary documentation in hand, have studied for the test you are ready to make your appointment.  To schedule an appointment for the written test simply call you local DMV office.

Make Test Day Preparations

Before you are able to apply and take the exam for your new driver’s license there are many things you must accomplish.  New drivers must have the following instruction, skill and documentation in order to obtain their Florida State driver’s license.

  • Have proof of completing and passing the drug and alcohol course. For more information on Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Course please visit our Driver’s Education section.
  • Have a signed parental consent form which can be downloaded at Motor Vehicle Forms
  • If you are under 18 years of age.
  • Provide your Social Security card if you have one
  • Provide two proof of Florida residents items
  • Provide two forms of identification a primary and secondary form such as a passport and a marriage
  • Birth certificate or other proof of your date of birth.  For acceptable forms of proof of date of birth visit Obtaining Your Florida Driver License or Identification Card

Taken the Written Test

Once you have prepared by following the above steps, studied the rules of the road then they are ready to apply for their new driver’s license.

For all applicants who fail the written test, they will be charged $10 to retake it.

Taking the Driving Test

In order to take the driving test, you will need to make an appointment.  It will be necessary to provide your own vehicle that has adequate car insurance and a valid registration.  The vehicle will also be safety inspected at the time of the test.

Once you’ve passed the driving portion of the test, you will be issued your license.  Congratulations on becoming a new Florida State resident from 4dmv.com!

Should you fail the driving test you will be required to pay a fee of $20 to retake it.

Getting a Car

One of the first thing that every Florida State motorist longs for is a car of their own.  If you are considering purchasing a new or a used car then there are many factors to take into consideration.  For used car purchases a Vehicle History Report should always be obtained.  This can save you the hardship of purchasing a lemon.  For more information please visit our New and Used Car Marketplace sections.

Getting Auto Insurance

Once you have purchased your car you will be in the marketplace for car insurance.  4dmv.com has all the information you need to know to find the best deal.  Simply visit our insurance center.


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