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When you have matters pertaining to your vehicle or driving in Florida, the Florida DHSMV, (Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles), steps in to provide you with the services that you need. However, when it comes to finding the agency that you need for the specific services needed, there can be various locations throughout your county to choose from.

FL License, ID, Testing, and Renewals

In order to obtain a Florida driver’s license, ID, or to complete the appropriate tests or procedures for renewal, you will be required to report to the Florida Division of Driver’s Licenses, which has several offices statewide, all which can be found online by visiting Office Locations. You can also register for voting or organ donation in these same offices as well, right as you are completing your other processes so there is no extra visit required.

You should be aware of the Florida driver’s license mobile unit scheduling, which can be viewed online with holiday closings available online as well at Driver Licence  Office Closures. These are hours to be aware of as they affect the office locations you will be required to visit from time to time for the Florida driver’s licensing services you may need.

Florida Registration, Vehicle Titles, and License Plates

If you are seeking out registration, titling, or any other similar services including Florida VIN checks, and license plates for your vehicle, you will be required to visit the county tax collector, with offices found online through Office Locations.

Other Florida DMV Locations to Know

There are other services you may need from the Florida DMV, such as dealer’s licensing, driver complaints, DMV investigations, and even custom or rebuilt FL vehicle inspections. For these services and those related, you must visit a local Florida DMV district office, which can be found by visiting Office Locations online.

If you have or need a hardship license due to license suspension in Florida, you will be required to go through the Administrative Review offices in Florida, which too can be located online by visiting Office Locations.

For paying your traffic tickets in person, you can visit the local county Clerk of Courts office, which you can also find online at Office Locations, offering a full location list for you to find the right office for your county.

The Florida Highway Patrol is another key influence for drivers, and can provide great information regarding the Florida traffic laws, child or passenger safety restraints, obtaining a traffic report, or any other similar service. If you would like to contact the FHP, you can visit Highway Patrol Stations, which has all the contact information you will need.

For commercial drivers in Florida, there are special testing sites offered, which you can find online with some driver’s offices also provided the needed CDL skills tests.

Setting an Appointment

The Florida DHSMV provides residents with the option of setting an office appointment online or by phone in order to ensure that you are able to get in and get out with your needed services in much less time. While not all services offer an appointment, most do.

If you wish to set your appointment online, you can visit  to utilize the Florida Online Appointment Services and Information System, also known as OASIS, for services including:

  • New learner’s permit
  • Motorcycle written or skills exam
  • Class E skill test
  • License renewal
  • Name addition or change
  • State ID’s
  • License replacement or duplicate
  • Suspended or revoked license reinstatement
  • First driver’s license
  • Out-of-state license conversion
  • License through test waiver
  • CDL written and endorsement testing
  • CDL HAZMAT endorsement testing

Be sure to check whether the services are offered at the office you plan to visit as they aren’t all offered in all DMV offices throughout Florida.

Setting an appointment by phone can be done by calling toll free 1-800-303-7288, which is only offered to residents of the following Florida counties:

  • Brevard
  • Dade
  • Leon
  • Okeechobee
  • St. Lucie
  • Broward
  • Indian River
  • Martin
  • Palm Beach

For Florida CDL basic, pre-trip, or skills testing, you must call one of the Florida locations offered in each of the following counties for an appointment:

  • Alachua County: 1-352-334-1760
  • Brevard County: 1-321-752-3160
  • Jackson County: 1-850-482-9602
  • Miami-Dade County: 1-800-303-7288
  • Palm Beach County: 1-800-303-7288
  • Sarasota County: 1-941-361-6219

There are also third party testing sites offered for Florida commercial drivers, with appointments offered by calling one of the numbers listed at  CDL Skill Test Sites.

FL DMV Contact Information

For mail-ins to the Florida DMV, use the following address, unless otherwise indicated:

            Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
            Neil Kirkman Building
            2900 Apalachee Parkway
            Tallahassee, FL 32399-0500

For the FL DMV customer services center, you can call 1-850-617-2000. For contact by email, visit the FL Division of Driver’s Licenses at State DMV Offices  or the Division of Motor Vehicles at Email Response Form. You can also access a full Florida state DMV contact page at Frequently called Phone Numbers.


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