Florida:  Vehicle History Report

One of the most important steps in the process of buying a used vehicle is to obtain a vehicle history report on the automobile.  A vehicle history report will give you the advantage of knowing if the used vehicle has been a lemon or is likely to become a lemon.  The purchase of a used vehicle is tricky.  There are many sellers that have mastered the art of “staging” the vehicle for a quick sale. What may appear to be a used vehicle in great condition might actually be a car that has been salvaged.  A vehicle history report will provide you with all the information you need regarding the used automobile. 

Vehicle history reports are obtained by submitting the VIN - vehicle Identification Number of the vehicle.  Vehicle History Reports can be obtained online .  A minimal fee will be required at the time of ordering the report.

Advantages of a Vehicle History Report

The advantages of a Vehicle History Report are many.  When considering the purchase of a used vehicle knowing the vehicle’s past is crucial.  A Vehicle History Report details all the important details of the vehicle’s past.  It will give you information such as whether the car was ever salvage, its accident history, any flood damage to the vehicle, whether the car has been a lemon in the past, a service and repair history, how many owners the vehicle has had, its odometer reading and other important information on the vehicle.

An example of how valuable a Vehicle History Report may be autos that you purchase from an auto auction.  Suppose you are purchasing a make such as the Crown Victoria and it was once used in the police force just to have a multitude of drivers.  In cases like this, the vehicle could have hundreds of thousands more miles on the car which the odometer doesn’t read.  It may have been involved in multiple crashes as well.  The car may have even been salvaged.  A Vehicle History Report will show the exact history of the vehicle, making certain you are aware of all its positives and negatives.

Advantage of the Vehicle History Report for the Seller of the Used Automobile

The Vehicle History Report is not just for buyers to purchase.  It is also important documentation for sellers.  A seller that has a current history report on his vehicle will have an edge with the buyer as they have proof that their used vehicle is definitely what it appears to be. 

The Advantages of the Vehicle History Report for the Dealer

All buyers are aware that the used vehicle they may be interested may have been a problem vehicle at some point in the past.  While the dealer does have the advantage of saying the car has been thoroughly inspected by their service department and the vehicle is in tip top shape, the Vehicle History Report shows the buyer the exact value of the car.  It is factual information that is presented to the buyer and allows the buyer the trust that they often need.

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